How does a visit to the theatre benefit children?

Children can gain a lot from a visit to the theatre. It can be educational, encourage creativity, and engage their imagination. Here are a few tips on helping children get the most out of a trip to the theatre.

Varied perceptions are the determining factors which help demarcate a child from an adult. The analytical bend of mind may not be always present in the toddlers, but creative thoughts seldom cease to exist.

Unique mannerisms and superlative degrees of confidence allow them to imbibe tougher ideas and thoughts with seamless ease. With child education playing a pivotal role in the modern era, the focus should be on these higher creative standards which can either be teacher or parent initiated.

Most of the ideas targeted towards these children should help bring out the creativity in addition to them being highly self-expressive.
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What are the main benefits?

For younger children, theatre can promote literacy, numeracy and communication skills, as well as stimulating the imagination and increasing their attention span. For older children, theatre can also act as a way to explore relevant themes and issues. In fact, theatre is even used this way as an educational tool in the classroom.

Choosing the right show

Of course, not every show will be suitable for a younger audience. Most theatre brochures and websites should indicate each show’s minimum age limit and also flag any ‘adult’ content. However, it’s also important that the show is not targeted to a much younger age group, as older children will likely become bored and restless. If in doubt, contact the theatre to ask.

While a show may be age appropriate, it may not be suitable for your child or school party. For example, scary content might be deemed suitable for a certain age group, yet may frighten some children. Shows based on fairytales and films, musicals, and dance-based shows can be good choices for a younger audience, as can adaptations of YA (young adult) novels.

In a nutshell we can enumerate all the above mentioned aspects in a definite order, starting with Space. This provides the exact amount of seclusion which is enough for addressing creative thoughts.

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Organising a trip to the theatre

When taking younger children to the theatre, it is important to explain the etiquette, such as keeping noise to a minimum. It’s also a good idea to tell them a little about the show beforehand and to arrive at the theatre early, so you can look around. This way, they can enjoy the whole theatre 'experience’.

Shows designed for children may even offer extra activities and the chance to meet the cast afterwards. Try and book seats near an aisle, so you can leave the theatre during the performance, if needed.

To make life easier, some schools use a school and theatre online booking system, for example, which can help parents books seats for certain events.

Theatre can be inspiring, uplifting and thought-provoking. As such, it can be a great tool to help children of all ages grow and develop vital skills. Of course, it can also be great fun!
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