Buying a diamond. Here’s what to look for

Next to a mortgage it’s probably going to be the biggest purchase of your life. A Diamond Engagement Ringseals and shows your commitment to someone special in your life. It’s not a purchase that you enter into lightly and can help you make this choice.

No doubt you are very worried about getting this purchase just right and the company above will be able to assist you with that.

We can give you a few pointers here in this article so that if you do decide to take the plunge at least you have a bit of knowledge as to some of the terms used around buying a diamond ring. It’s easy to think of them as the 4 C’s.
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  1. It’s all about the fire and that comes from the Cut. That’s the rather charming name given to the inner shine of the diamond. The cut of the diamond is very important as it extenuates the fire by magnify the light and refracting it as it enters the diamond. The shape of the diamond from the cut also defines the fire. There are quite a few designs that a jewel smith can create with cut. These are the pear drop for the more traditional design and the other traditional emerald. Others include the marquise and the heart shape, which is a very popular design for romantic couples celebrating and finally there is the charming and uncomplicated oval design. It’s a very good idea to look at all the designs in the range before you make a decision
  2. The next thing to consider is the Colour. The range of colour diamonds starts at D which is where the colourless diamonds start right up to Z where the “fancie” ones lie and the ultimate white diamonds. These are extremely expensive though. For some reason the letters A to C are not included. 
  3. On now to the Clarity. You and I will not need to be too concerned about this. The only time anyone gets excited about the clarity is when the experts stick one of those monocular’s in the eye and get all animated about it. The person that you’re buying the ring for will never no but unless the person your marrying is a diamond expert if you say you’ve got them a SL1, the highest rating, they’ll be none the wiser and you look knowledgably.
  4. Finally, we look at the Carat. Note the spelling it’s not Karats that’s related to gold. This is the weight of the diamond. To give you some perspective the diamonds that you’ll be looking at will be one or possibly 2 carats. The Cullian Diamond, one of the biggest in the world was three thousand one hundred and six carats. You’re betrothed wouldn’t be able to wear that out and about that’s for sure.
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Whatever your choice I’m sure they will love it. Good luck on the day and for the future.
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