Online Trading: Self Honesty is the Road to Profit

Online trading can be an exciting, rewarding and treacherous vocation. It can be a way to grow your capital. It can be a part or full-time job. It can also be a way to lose money. It all depends upon how you approach it.

Whether you are just beginning to contemplate the idea of online trading or have done it for a while, there is one principle that applies at every point in the process.

This principle actually applies to all types of trading and investing. It also applies to life in general. The principle is, to be honest with yourself about each decision you make.

If you want to be a successful trader or a successful anything self-honesty is essential. It is the difference between living in a delusional world that may feel good for a moment or a second and opening your eyes to what is around you in order to find each succeeding step that will lead you to your treasures. Ecn Premium

One of the first decisions a trader must make is how much money he or she is willing to put at risk. Again, be honest with yourself. This amount is ideally an amount that if you lost it all your lifestyle would not be adversely affected. Look at your situation with brutal honesty and pick an amount that will not damage your lifestyle or your psyche. Just admitting there is a real risk of losing money trading can be a challenge for some people.

Now take whatever amount you have come up with and put it aside and forget about it for now. I want you to start with the amount that all experts recommend you start with if you are going to online trade. That amount is zero. All experts recommend starting by paper trading which is trading with play money which is easily done and tracked just like you had a real money account. You can paper trade with online programs such as Think or Swim or Trade Station.

Paper trade, paper trade, paper trade. Paper trading will build your confidence in any system you are using. Successful paper trading will give you the resolve to pull the trigger on a trade when the time is right. Be honest with yourself as to when you are ready to move from paper trading to real money trading. Be honest, always be honest with yourself.

The big trap in trading is to fall into a swirl of building emotions. Emotions that can cause you to take unwise risks or to deny warning signs when they appear. A big key to being a successful trader is to control your emotions and stick with a proven system. A proven system is one that has been proved through vigorous paper trading.

I suggest read and study as much as you can. Also, ask yourself the questions. Am I using a system that I feel comfortable with and that fits my personality? Be honest with yourself. Don't let excitement sway you. Ask yourself the question each step of the process is this click on buy consistent with my system. Be honest. Honesty each step of the way will carry you through.

Another way to take control is to start trading with ETF's like the gld for gold or oil for oil trading. This will tend to make things less volatile at least at first. Ask yourself each step of the way. Am I comfortable with this level of risk? Examine your true feeling each step of the way.

Let us remember that self-honesty is the road to profit.

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