Blood Drive Day with Trauma Care International: Sponsored by Pastor Chris

June 14th, 2018 is the Annual Worldwide Blood Donation Day. The goal of Worldwide Blood Donation Day is to encourage people to donate blood and it also teaches the impact donating blood has in the world.

On June 30th, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, pastor for Christ Embassy Church, will be sponsoring a worldwide blood drive to help promote the Annual Blood Donation Day event.

Many individuals do not make the time to donate blood at all. It is not surprising because most adults get caught up in their daily lives that we can forget to do the extra things such as donating blood.

One of the reasons that donating blood is very important is to provide enough blood so that all health institutions have access to blood when needed to save someone's life.

The reality is that our loved ones could one day need a blood transfusion, and it is important that we have organizations spending time toward a cause like this.

Trauma Care International Foundation was started by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and the Christ Embassy community across the world.

The Trauma Care International Foundation was founded to specifically bring awareness to the need of blood donation. It also helps that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has a large congregation of Christ Embassy members who are willing to donate and share this cause with others.

Pastor Chris and the Christ Embassy Church has also donated health equipment in an effort to improve health care options across the continent of Africa.

Africa is a continent that is always in need of improving their health care for the people of Africa.

For Pastor Chris Oyakhilome to raise awareness for a great cause like donating blood and working towards improving health care in Africa is a big step in their overall improvement.

The Christ Embassy Church members and Pastor Chris are very much about a higher quality of life for everyone.

The causes that this congregation promotes are in an effort to improve the quality for anyone who would be in need of a blood transfusion today or in the future.

And because the members and pastor of Christ Embassy Church are so pro humanitarian, this fuels their efforts of helping people who other wise would not have access to things like proper health care. This is possible by the Trauma Care International Foundation.

Imagine not having access to a doctor when you are sick or not having access to blood needed in an accident. The Trauma Care International Foundation are trying to make sure no one has to wonder how they will get access to life saving routines like these.

The main goal for the Trauma Care International Foundation is to provide for causes like these and to make sure people that are sick or injured all have access to treatment.

The foundation also gives during emergency situations where the need for health and emergency services is critical.

The Trauma Care International Foundation offers these types of services at no cost to people who are in need of these services. It is for people who would other wise not be able to afford these types of services.

The foundation also makes sure to provide free education onthe importance of health care.

If you are interested in registering to donate blood, please click here.

Here is a place to see a short video about the Trauma Care International Foundation.

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