VoIP theft of service and how to prevent it

As any technology system gains in popularity, so the number of threats against it increase. VoIP is no exception to this, with hackers and cybercriminals potentially trying to steal or disrupt your service or intercept your calls to try to steal intellectual property or financial details. Understanding the nature of attacks and how to guard against them is therefore essential for VoIP users.

VoIP attacks

Attacks on VoIP services can come in a number of forms; for example, they can involve attempts to eavesdrop on calls or to prevent use of the service. DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks, for example, try to flood the network with traffic and make it unusable.

There is also a VoIP equivalent of spam, known as ‘spit’ (spam over internet telephony), which will send unwanted calls and promotional messages to disrupt the system; however, one of the greatest threats that VoIP faces is attempts to steal the service, which usually involves stealing user names and passwords. This enables criminals to make calls on your account, leaving you to pick up the tab.

Protecting your VoIP system

As with any IT system, you need to take basic steps to protect your VoIP. It is easy to assume that your wholesale VoIP termination provider, such as https://www.idtexpress.com/, will provide full protection; however, there are some additional steps you need to take.

You need to ensure your office network is protected by a firewall and that all your antivirus software is up to date on both server and endpoint systems. Don’t forget that mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets also need to be protected. You might want to use an encrypted link for internal communication to reduce the chance of interception.

Guarding against service theft starts with having strong passwords and making sure that staff use their own sign-ons and don’t share them with anyone else. Installing software to detect unusual call patterns can also help by highlighting when usage of the system suddenly changes, enabling you to investigate and take any necessary remedial action.

For many businesses, VoIP has become an essential tool of communication. It therefore makes sense to protect it from attack, both to ensure that your business has reliable communications and to stop anyone else profiting from your investment by stealing your service.
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