Fans can now follow F1 on twitter, live

Formula 1 is continuing with its digital expansion plans with an innovative new live F1 show which is available exclusively on Twitter.

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The F1 show

Following the Spanish Grand Prix and for all remaining rounds of the 2018 World Championship season, fans following the official @f1 account on Twitter will get access to an exclusive live post-race show which is hosted by the leading motorsport broadcaster Will Buxton. The show will feature Formula 1 legend co-hosts including NicoRosburg, who has endorsed the move calling it a ‘terrific step forward’. Buxton will still contribute to and the Formula 1 international TV feed, as well as provide coverage on other digital platforms.

The F1 show will go on air live from The Paddock after the podium ceremony so fans can engage with the show immediately following the race. With Twitter’s ability to create instant dialogue worldwide, this additional coverage will be welcomed by Formula 1 fans worldwide.

Pirelli had three tyre compounds at the race, Supersoft,Ultrasoft, and Hypersoft. Yes, I'm frustrated with the names and the complete dominating tyre thing too. As the Hyper was mighty in qualifying to generate a sub-71 second lap on the 2 mile group of corners, none of the compounds turned into a suitable race tyre. Everyone was struggling with ripping the surface of their tyres and floundering for grip.

There is a phase of that race I'm really not proud of. Drivers calling in to state how slow the pace was, shortly accompanied by Force India drivers lifting off the throttle of their Mercedes-engined cars to offer solution to a recently pitted works Mercedes car, for position. Now I accept there's often no point in losing time and energy to your real race rivals by fighting against an inevitable pass, but that was just too blatant.

Experience live action

For those wishing to experience the action live by attending one of the remaining Grand Prix events, hospitality packages such as those available from the F1 Paddock Club are available

With the Monaco Grand Prix just days away, this article from the BBC explains why many Formula 1 drivers call Monaco home -, and often referred to as the Billionaires Playground, Monaco is for many, the ultimate Grand Prix. Considered one of the most exciting and challenging races of the season, the Monaco Grand Prix is set in glamorous surroundings and for some, winning is the ultimate goal.
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Each of the new live shows will include interviews with key drivers and engineers, as well as team principals from the race. The real-time race playback facility will give the panel the opportunity to analyse key moments of the race and provide exciting, informative analysis which they can then share with Formula 1 and Twitter fans.

The partnership with Twitter includesTwitter video clips of highlights, post-race, as well as playing on-track highlights especially for the Formula 1 live show. Twitter has focussed on live sporting events since 2016 and invested in fixtures with NFL, NBA, MLB and eSports which have proved popular and successful. This new and exciting way of sharing the excitement of the sport is a great way to further involve fans.
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