Born to be surrounded by flowers

I remember the day I was selected to be a garden fairy like it was yesterday. Sitting in front of everyone waiting to see which magical element glowed when I touched it.

I desperately wanted to be a garden fairy and with one grasp of the flower petal it came true. I was collected by my fellow garden fairies and my life surrounded by beautiful plants and trees began.
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It is my responsibility to wake the flowers in spring and make sure that they are protected in the winter. I am really lucky to have a wonderful group of friends, all of whom have different talents.

Fawn is an animal fairy and loves nothing more than rolling around with all manner of animals and insects, Iridessa is a light fairy, Silvermist is a water fairy and she creates beautiful things with dew drops, Vidia is a fast flying fairy and boy does she dash around the place and lastly there is Tinkerbell who is a Tinker fairy. Oh, and I forgot to tell you my name. I am Rosetta.

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I want to tell you about my latest adventure. I was asked to go to this beautiful place and prepare the area for a wedding that was going to be held there at the weekend. The wedding was for a lady who had once saved Tinkerbell from a life being held on show in a museum, but that’s a story for another time.

I was flying through a spectacular wooded area and some amazing countryside looking for the wedding hotel venue Gloucestershire that I had been sent to. The landscape was beautiful, bluebells grew like a carpet across the woodland floor.

I finally found the venue and most of my fellow garden fairies had arrived. We started to unload the baskets from the bottom of the doves and set about adding some fairy sparkle to the flowers and trees.

Whilst surrounded by trees this luxury wedding hotel venue in Gloucestershire started to take shape ready for the wedding.I wish that I could get married one day. I like Terrence the guy at the Fairy dust depot but I think that he’s more into Tinkerbell.

That’s ok she’s got that cutesy blonde thing going on whereas I’m more your earthy Southern Belle. Well, I am a garden fairy after all. I’ve got my eye on Sled. He’s one of the winter talent Fairies. I’d really have to wrap up warm but it would be worth it. He’s dreamy.

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