Avoid Regretful Mistakes While Purchasing New 4K TV

The TV world is transforming so rapidly that, before you even get a clear understanding the acronyms like HDR, BT.2020 or 4K, they will be replaced with more advanced technologies. The 4K or Ultra HD TVs are dominating the show. The 4K refers to 3,840 x 2,160 pixel resolution. It is 4 times resolution available in full HD TV [1,920 x 1,080 pixel]. It means high pixel density for better and clear defined image. You get to see more details and texture.

You will spend a lot of cash on 4K TV, if you decide to buy. Visit compareraja.in to get some of the best deals. However, you will need to consider the regretful mistakes the past buyers have made.

Paying too much attention on insignificant features

The 4K TVs include overhyped extra features, which do not help in enhancing overall performance. On the other hand, buyers get confused because they are unaware of the significant and insignificant features. Examples of insignificant features are 3D, pointless curved displays, local dimming, LED backlighting, high motion rates, etc.

The most vital features to consider buying Vu or Samsung 4K TV is the standard display performance specs. It includes how well colors get displayed, its brightness, its delivery of black levels, summit of its inborn refresh rate [60Hz - 120Hz] and if it has HDR [for future needs].

Choosing wrong size

The golden rule with respect to 4K TV is ‘Bigger the better’ because you really desire to enjoy the ultra HD resolution. Bigger looks impressive, but that does not mean buying a 70” 4K monster for a tiny living room. The TV 4ft away from your face is totally overload. On the other hand, a 43” small 4K display placed in family size living room leaves occupants squinting a lot.

General rule is to measure distance in inches between TV placement and your sitting area. Divide these by 1.5 to get rough display size idea. Choose a 4K TV close to this size and budget.

Not considering personal needs

Some 4K TVs are perfect for good gaming and a few are just great for watching live sports. The vital thing is to choose a TV, which fulfills most of your habits and needs. There is no need to buy a giant 75” 4K TV model, just because your friend has one but the reality is you need a small screen for much small space.

Research, ask questions, use CompareRaja and read reviews. It will help you to select the most suitable model, which meets your needs and budget.

Buying a 4K, which is not future proof

Majority of 4K TVs are fully future proof with feature options like Dolby vision HDR support or HDR10. They can support content, which will emerge in future. This does not mean you need to buy latest model with HDR support but go for one, which suits your budget.

4K TV are genuinely superior in picture performance, so enjoy the essentials of solid ultra HD home entertainment experience for several years.

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