7 reasons why people think UPSC exams are tough

Today with growing competition, more and more students are opting for competitive exams to be able to get better jobs. When it comes to government jobs, more and more youngsters have been willing to apply because these jobs come with a lot of benefits.

There is a good salary given to government employees along with a lot of other benefits such as unparalleled job security which enables them to have a permanent job, performance based perks and bonuses, retirement benefits such as PF, gratuity and salary arrears, fixed working hours and availability of a decent amount of off-days.

Government jobs enable people to have a good work-life balance. But the question that comes to our minds is that what exam to give to apply for these beneficial jobs? UPSC exams! The Union Public Service Commission exams or the UPSC exams are the way to go if you wish to become a government official and to serve the public in the best possible way.

These exams are held each year and each year more and more students have applied for these exams. But most students tend to find these exams difficult to pass. Here is a list of top seven reasons why people think that UPSC exams are tough:

1. Preparation
When it comes to preparing for important competitive exams like the UPSC exams, it is essential to have a proper plan about what is to be studied and how. Most students fail to derive a proper plan and even if they do make a plan, they fail to stick to the plan. This is a severe issue as this can lead to under preparation. When under prepared, students will not be able to write the paper well. This will cause failure and loss of motivation.

2. Books
Books are the most essential part of any exams. If you have the right books, you have the marks in the palm of your hand. But the thing with that is, when it comes to UPSC exams, there is a whole plethora of books available. There is also a chance that every teacher or mentor you go to will ask you to refer to a lot of different books. But that is not the right approach. Students often feel confused when referring to different books. This is also a reason that they find these exams extremely difficult.

3. Answer Writing Practice
Answer Writing practice is often skipped by most students. They feel that it is not worth to write and practice each answer because they can learn something else within the saved time. But that is not the case. Writing practice is essential as it helps you write theory papers well and if you have MCQs, it will help you in the better understanding of the strategy for each question.

For this you can use UPSC prelims answer key to practise the previous year’s questions.Since this is skipped, a lot of students do not understand important concepts and strategies and find the exams difficult. What needs to be done is that one should start their writing practice from day one which is what will help them write faster and understand better.

4. Newspapers
Newspapers are an important part of the UPSC exams. What happens often is that students are not very habitual with reading newspapers and tend to avoid the idea of the newspapers itself. You need to understand that as a UPSC aspirant, you should indulge into reading more and more newspapers as they will expand your knowledge and help you in the exams as well. But a lot of students do not read newspapers which is also one of the reasons that they find it difficult to clear the UPSC exams.

5. Time Management
It is said that time and tide waits for none. This is often the case when students are in studying phase of the UPSC exams. Lack of good time management skills leads to under preparation. If managed well, time will be available to study each topic well and enable you to prepare well. Most importantly, time management will ensure that you have the time to make notes and revise for the exams to take your preparation one step ahead from most other students.

6. NCERT Textbooks
Most students tend to underestimate the NCERT books. They tend to refer to other reference books more. But that’s not correct as NCERT books have been recommended by the experts as well as the students who have cleared these exams with great scores. When students do not study from the NCERT books, they will be under prepared and this will cause failure.

7. Willingness to study
When students first apply to coaching centres for these exams, they have a new spark in them; they want to learn more and more and practice more and more. But by the time the exams are nearing, the students tend to lose this energy and motivation.

These exams, even though difficult, can be cracked. If you avoid making the mistakes that are stated above, you shall succeed!
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