Mobile-based crypto mining – Future of crypto mining

There are several websites such as that provides browser-based cryptocurrency mining script with the use of Monero. But with advancement in the technology, crypto mining is not confined to desktop and computers alone. There are smartphones which are gaining popularity and lots of people continue to carry out business and leisure activities on their smartphones. The same concept is monetized by the crypto industry as well. With the growth of mobile devices, there has been a considerable increase in the growth of mining of cryptocurrencies via mobile phones too. There have been around 25 android apps that had launched a platform for mining cryptocurrencies in 2016 and the number is continually increasing. In 2017, it reached to 35 and it is still increasing.

The growth of mobile-based mining of crypto is due to the fact that the mobile phone also has processors that are powerful enough like a low-to-mid range computer. Also, it is more convenient to mine bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies via mobile as you can do this anywhere and anytime. But this is an energy-intensive activity and it can lead to battery drain of your phone. Mobile mining also includes heating of the phone and there can be performance issues related to the device as well. Hence it is more preferred to choose websites such as for crypto mining purposes.

Future of cryptocurrency mining

The value of the crypto market has increased several folds in the recent years. Along with it, the malicious activities associated with mining has also increased and browser-based, as well as executable JavaScript based software, is being used by websites to use the visitor's resources in order to mine cryptocurrencies. With the growing interest of users, more and more mining tools, as well as miners, are joining the community. The best platform currently is cognitive, but to compete with it, similar projects such as Crypto Loot and JSE coin are emerging.

Even after several extensions that are imposing restrictions on crypto mining via browser and downloadable scripts, still, there are numerous incidents of user’s system being compromised and used for mining purposes. With techniques such as pop-under wherein the browser, mining takes place not in the main browser window but in a hidden window are some signs of the future of cryptocurrency mining. In near future websites can make use of traditional malware propagation techniques in order to spread the mining activity in order to increase their revenue.

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