Different Jobs Within the iGaming Industry

Working in the igaming industry is a dream job for many. This is a fast-paced, fast-growing industry with lots of options for all types of professional, from creatives and marketers to programmers and HR experts. There are many different jobs within the igaming industry and although a highly competitive field, there are also many opportunities for determined gaming enthusiasts to find their ideal job.

Creative Design Jobs in iGaming

Online gaming has various openings for creatives and graphic design jobs are some of the most highly sought after. Graphics designers create the imagery visitors see when they enter a website, so it is vital the designs are attractive and well-crafted. The design of a gaming site dictates its feel and has a major impact on the players who choose to play there. The creatives can be colourful and cartoonish or sophisticated and sleek and the design must fit in with the brand tone. Designers also design images for emails and newsletters and other communications, so this role is vital in maintaining the company brand image.

Copywriting and Content Creation Jobs in iGaming

Related to the graphic designers are the copywriters. This work in the igaming industry straddles the fields of creative and marketing, often with an emphasis on PR. The text on the website is an important element that will entice visitors and this must be crafted with a distinctive brand voice that communicates with the customer. Copywriters also craft the copy for e-mails and newsletters, blogs, PR and advertising content, gaming guides and reviews, along with SEO content, so this is a rich and varied role that is vital to branding, customer acquisition and retention. 

SEO and Content Management Jobs in iGaming

Jobs that have a lot of cross-over with copywriting include the SEO and content positions within the igaming sector. SEO managers control the SEO of the brand and website across the internet, ensuring the website ranks well in search engines. They do this by link building strategically both internally and externally and building up relationships with others using guest blogging and outreach. They can use paid linking and organic linking, while ensuring the website is compliant with current standards in SEO, using white hat techniques. The content managers are responsible for website content, which can include managing copywriters, website layout and deciding which aspects to include on the site.

CRM Management Jobs in iGaming

CRM professionals control the customer retention for a brand. This involves analyzing data to determine what aspects of the websites are attracting players, which email are opened by players and which bonuses are proving the most effective. CRM is an important part of the marketing cycle and plays a vital role in customer acquisition and retention. CRM managers are involved in email marketing and IT skills are useful as there is a lot of useful CRM software that can be used as part of the job.

Programming Jobs in iGaming

If you want to work in the igaming industry and have programming skills, there are many job openings for you. The actual games available in an online casino or bingo site need to be created by IT experts, alongside the websites themselves. Programmers can work for casinos or bingo sites or they can work for the software developers who create the games. These jobs require expert knowledge of programming languages.

Operations and Product Management Jobs in iGaming

The operations side of the igaming industry can include product managers and brand managers, casino and bingo managers, sportsbook managers and other professionals. There is some cross-over with marketing as the operations professionals can decide on promotions, manage campaigns and decide on other aspects of the brand to align it with the overall business objectives. Other tasks include managing the VIP programs and developing the product, including its rollout across multiple channels. For example, Mr Green casino is available across PC, mobile and tablet with a strong presence on social media, opening the site up to a wider audience.

Affiliate Management Jobs in iGaming

Affiliate managers handle the relationship between the brand and its affiliates. The affiliates advertise the brand on their own websites and when they pass new players through to the casino or bingo site, they will receive a payment. This can be a fixed amount or a percentage of players’ losses. Affiliate managers need to keep strong contact with affiliates to ensure they are promoting the correct aspects of the site, bonuses are up to date and any exclusive promotions are developed to benefit both parties.

Customer Service Jobs in iGaming

Customer service jobs in igaming require contact with the players directly. In these types of jobs you will be answering queries from players by email or telephone, dealing with enquiries and handling disputes. These jobs require expert knowledge of the brand and relevant legal issues, along with good diplomacy skills and a calm and friendly manner.

HR and Accounting Jobs in iGaming

There are also many jobs in the igaming industry that are general business jobs, rather than specifically gaming-related. These include positions in human resources and training, accounting and financial control, as well as general business development roles.
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