Business Tips and Tricks: Office Spaces for Rent in 5-Star Business Centres across the US Explained

America’s business districts draw hundreds of thousands of people to its thriving centres yearly. Whether operating in a major market such as New York, Chicago or even Miami, or a small-to-mid-sized district, businesses that operate in these locations can thrive because of the volumes of people who visit each and every day. 

However, while the pedestrian traffic guarantees your business will be in a visible place, the rents for office space in some of these 5-star business districts are less than attractive to business owners.


For established businesses, the price cannot an option, and so finding suitable office space in a major business district is not a problem. With that said, many businesses find themselves in the position of having to be located in thriving financial centres in order to perform because of the industry they are in.

For those business owners opening a business or those who are small business owners, an office with a FIDI (New York financial district) address can seem out of reach when operating on a tight budget. Fortunately, you can find appropriate office, even in some of the 5-star business centres.

For tips on getting the best deals on office spaces for rent in 5-star business centres across the US, continue reading below.

Study the Market
The smart advice says that businesses looking to rent in 5-star business districts should research the location of the business, but in researching, they should also seek the counsel of a broker. Just in terms of navigating the lease, brokers can help explain information related to escalator clauses, renewals, expansions, and possible termination rights. The broker essentially protects the tenant’s interest by being able to convey to the prospective tenant the real estate climate.

Consider All Leasing Options
Across the board, leases in premium business districts are going to be high, but prospective tenants do have a little leverage. Typically, a standard lease for office space will ask you to commit to a longer term, which can last anywhere from one year to ten. Keep in mind, the shorter the lease, the less leveraging power and fewer concessions on the part of the landlord. If you are not really sure about the area or of the longevity of the business, these leasing options might not be best for you.

On the other hand, business owners can find appropriate leasing options that do not lock them into a rigid long-term lease. Serviced office companies lease office space in some of the most attractive markets in the United States and the world. These leases work best for startups and small business models because they tend to only ask prospective renters to commit to a shorter time, often monthly, and the leases can be easily modified based on the business owner’s need.

Consider Alternative Office Styles
In addition to traditional office plans, those coming to the office leasing game with a little cash but a lot of hope in getting a deal on premium office space in one of the 5-star business districts can still do so.

An executive office suite provides businesses with shared floor space that includes the use of private offices, meeting and conference rooms, a receptionist and other amenities. The benefits of these office setups are that they reduce overheads for professionals who must have a professional address and phone number and need to occupy the office space on a daily basis.

Virtual office and coworking spaces, on the other hand, operate similarly but allow you to lease the space and amenities on an as-needed basis. These two plans work well for those who have to do business in other parts of the United States, and on the international level as well. In some cases, depending on the office provider, the leases can be modified and are transferable.

Bringing Your Business to a 5-Star Business District Near You
Finding space in a major financial district can be difficult because these areas are characterised by high-visibility and high foot traffic. Leases vary from city to city and can be tainted with a number of stipulations making it expensive for tenants if the terms are not clearly understood.

Fortunately, for new business owners, and old ones as well, you do have a number options in alternative leasing plans that will allow you to operate from a prestigious address without the hefty price tag. Using these premium locations you can establish your business quickly in the local market and utilise your new address to help you grow and expand your business over time.
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