Working Tips for Your MacBook Pro beforeYou Sell or Donate It

Are you thinking of selling or donating your old MacBook Pro? If selling, you can sell it at before you sell or donate it, read this article!

You have used that MacBook Pro for so long and now it cannot meet your needs anymore, so you decide to donate it or sell it. This is a good idea; however, there are numerous important steps that you should follow to the latter.

The first thing that you must to your old MacBook Pro is to clear all the files and data inside that belongs to you. Remember, you do not want your data to be accessed by the person you are selling or donating the device. So you must make sure it is empty and that none of your important information can be accessed by anyone.

However, you also do not want to lose all the data and files stored in your old MacBook so you must ensure to save them in a different drive, so you should ensure to back up all the necessary information before you hit that erase/format or clear button. A MacBook is no difference with your PC which means you can save your files, images and any other important information, so having a backup of these documents is very crucial.

After you are done with the backup, you can now wipe all the data and finally reinstall your MacBook Operating system. Once you have installed the operating system, you can now sell or donate your MacBook Pro.

How does the whole process work?
Read with me to get an insight of how to go about the whole process. We will start by the Backup stage and finally reinstallation of the device operating system.

1.      Back up all your files and data
To back up files and data is to save all the important information on a different storage location. The location can be an external hard drive or another computer. This is the first step. You can either transfer all your files and data to your new MacBook Pro if you already have it or save it somewhere else. The Apple’s Time Machine is an incredible option when you want to back up your files and data. Thankfully the web has more information about how to back up and restore your MacBook Pro with Time Machine

2.      Sign out of all your apple services
All the software you use in your MacBook Pro is licensed to you and should not be transferred to the person you are selling or donating the device to. If you have been listening to iTunes music, iCloud services or you have been sending and receiving iMessage, you must ensure to opt out of all these services. Get more information on how to sign out of iTunes, iCloud and iMessage.

3.      Erase and Reinstallation of MacOS
This is the software that helps to execute all the processes inside your MacBook Pro. After you have a backup of all your files and data and you have signed out of all the Apple’s accounts, you must it’s time now to erase or format your MacBook Pro hard drive and reinstall the MacOS. This is done when you are sure all the above steps are successful.  Read how to wipe and reinstall your MacOS. Your last step is to pack your MacBook Pro for selling or donating.

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