Major steps to take post pregnancy

Once the baby is born, the mother enters the postpartum period. It is the time when the baby is being delivered and the mother’s body is ready to return to its pre pregnancy stage.

There are some things that new mothers should do immediately after their baby is born. This post pregnancy state actually lasts from 6 to 8 weeks.   One can also buy some post pregnancy magazines in Hindi in order to get tips on what to do and what not to do after the baby is born.

A mother always needs to take a good care of themselves so that they can regain back their physical strength once the baby is out of their body. They need a lot of rest, good nutrition intake and also some help for the first few weeks.
  • Once the baby is born the parents also get to learn that the new born babies have different time clocks than the regular adults. They keep waking up every three hours because their stomach goes empty. So they are needed to be fed, comforted and changed (if needed). This leads to a lot of exhaustion for the parents and especially the mother. It is recommended, that they should get a good 8 hours of sleep everyday but it is very difficult to get rest and proper sleep as they keep waking up when the baby cries. This can go on for several months. So the best thing to do is, to sleep when the baby sleeps. There is no need to do anything else than taking care of the baby and feeding them. So when they are sleeping the mothers can also take rest. Try to sleep in adjacent beds or in the same bed with the baby. Also after a month the mother can introduce the baby to feeding bottles with which they can save their night time breast feeding.
  • During the nine months tenure of pregnancy, the mother’s body goes through a lot of changes. She needs to recover from the pregnancy mode and childbirth exhaustion. So apart from taking proper rest, one needs to maintain a healthy diet so that they can recover fast. Eating well is a must as new mothers need to breastfeed and for that, they need to stay healthy. They need a balanced diet of grains (which means barley, wheat, rice or cereal), vegetables (legumes, green and leafy ones, red, beans and peas), fruits (both fresh and dried), dairy products (low fat milk, curd, cheese and butter) and protein (fish, seeds, nuts and meat).
  • Also, keeping the body active is very important. So there should be some physical exercise added to the routine.  But too much heavy exercise and extreme dieting is not what one should go for. Remember, weight loss will happen gradually. One does not have to make that happen fast.
There are many tips given in the post pregnancy magazine in Hindi but before following any of them, one should always consult their gynaecologist.
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