How to Keep Your Smart Home Safe While You’re Away during the Holidays

Smart homes have become all the rage because they make our lives so much easier. They give residents an incredible amount of control and insight of everything inside the house. We can remotely monitor video cameras, turn the lights on or off, lock and unlock doors and automatically turn off the water if a leak has been detected. There’s nothing that the touch of a button can’t do. But you must also remember that all the advanced technology can make your home more vulnerable. While a regular house can only be broken into through brute force, your smart home can be violated by expert hackers who can gain access to your personal information or the house itself. Therefore, you need to take special care while setting up the protection for your smart home.

Some extra precautions are necessary to keep you and your family safe from the outside world. According to a UK based survey, security is the second most important factor to consider in a smart home, after saving energy. It is the holiday season and chances are you are planning to go on vacation leaving your home empty. Here are a few ways to keep your smart home safe and protected while you will be away.

Keep everything organized

While shopping for tech you need to decide exactly which features you need the most. Only invest in the gizmos that you actually need because every gadget can be an access point for an intruder. Cyber hygiene is a term that refers to keeping your cyberspace clean and decluttered. Keep everything organized through a home automation system that can come in two forms. Service provider solutions will generally come with monthly fees and individual smart devices. Or you can keep everything connected yourself through a smart home automation hub that connects all the individual devices. Add the devices that you want to according to your own budget and look out for discounts, vouchers, promotion deals, sales and offers to cut costs.

Get a smart security system

You will definitely need added security to protect your smart home. Secure all the entry points with smart locks that will not allow access to trespassers. Smart locks will also let you monitor and control who enters and leaves your house. You can also install security cameras for added surveillance especially near the main entry to your smart home. Use to find what you need at low prices. Go through the following simple tips that will help you to keep your smart home safe while you’re away.

    Remotely operate the lights in the house or program them before you leave so that it appears that the house is occupied.
    Use smart doorbell alerts to monitor who has visited your front door and photograph them for additional security.
    A smart garage door will notify you whenever it’s left open and allow you to close it remotely.
Install smart sensors

Intruders, hackers or burglars are not the only sources of threat to your smart home. A simple malfunction could cause a fatal accident. It is not always possible to monitor and control everything while you’re working or spending some quality time while you’re away on vacation. Smart sensors can be installed in your smart home which will immediately notify you if there is an alarming rise or fall in the temperature and unwanted water or leaks. They can also detect smoke, heat and carbon monoxide that could be life-threatening.

Get complete security

Apart from individual gadgets, you might also want to invest in an all-in-one security system which will make sure that all the devices connected to it are working smoothly and add an extra layer of security. Levels of safety and security features will vary from one device to another so evaluate the potential risks before buying them. Create strong passwords for each device as they form the first line of defence. The gadgets are generally sold with insecure configuration but contain better security. So, changing the default passwords and configuring the devices is a must before you actually start using them. 

Be aware of the data that each device can individually capture so that you can estimate the amount of security threat they possess. Be careful about who handles your devices and don’t let any unauthorized personnel touch them. Secure your network and follow standard internet precautions. The signals you sent from your phone to various devices will go through your internet, so you need to protect your server as well.
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