Can Reborn Babies Bring Comfort After Losing a Child?—5 Thoughts

I’m used to seeing technological gadgets solve everyday problems. But there is no quick fix for dealing with the loss of a child. No modern device can take away the pain.

But at least there are methods that have shown amazing results. Most children own dolls and toys at some stage in their lives. But now dolls are helping some parents deal with the challenges of losing children.

They’re called Reborn Babies and perhaps you know someone that needs one.

What Are Reborn Babies?
These are no ordinary dolls. If you walk with one of these dolls in your arms, people may think it’s a real baby.
They’re made from silicone and vinyl, of which the surfaces are covered with layers of paint. Painting focuses on recreating the fine detail you’ll see on any newborn baby, such as blood vessels, rosy cheeks and even translucent nails.

The work is done by hand so each baby is unique and attention to detail is first priority. They can also be custom made to resemble a baby. If you’re looking for a way to honor your child, this may be one option to consider.

But how does a doll help you through a grieving process?

How do Dolls Help Grieving Parents?
What is the best way to find out whether something is a truth or a myth? Let’s not by philosophical. You may have a unique opinion on using dolls during grieving processes and you’re invited to share your thoughts with us.

But the list below is based on people’s experiences. These are their interpretations of why their Reborn Babies could help them after losing their children.

Minimize the Shock
There’s no baby in the crib anymore. For many parents this is a shock every time they walk past the baby’s room. The emptiness is unbearable.

It’s important to note that a Reborn Baby should never substitute a lost child. But placing one in the physical space where a baby was, can help alleviate some emotions and shock.

A New Reason to Live
You may have felt your child was the best reason to get up in the morning. But if he or she isn’t there anymore, why face the day, right?

What about after a miscarriage? For months you looked forward to caring for the baby and then everything suddenly stopped. This shock can rob you of energy and even a desire to live.

For many Reborn Baby owners the babies are lifelike enough that they feel driven to look after them. It feels so real because the dolls’ facial features tend to show emotion.

Getting up to dress a Reborn Baby or give it a bath may help grieving mothers get back into healthy routines, instead of staying in bed indefinitely.

Dealing with Emotions
What do you do with the emotions that overwhelm you? You were used to loving a living being and now he or she is gone.

Grieving parents report that it minimizes the trauma when they can shed love and care on a Reborn Baby. Yes, it’s an inanimate object, but lifelike enough that you want to care for it. This can be an excellent tool during the time of adjusting.

Effortless Responsibility
Of course you don’t want more stress in your life after the shock of losing a child. But it’s not ideal to shut off from the world completely.

Even in grief it’s good to care for others, as this provides purpose. With a Reborn Baby you can give care, without fearing you’ll hurt someone or that it will become too taxing.

A Reborn Baby requires minimal responsibility, since nothing can happen to him or her. At the same time you’re allowed to take up as much responsibility as you want. You can feed, bathe, dress and hold the baby.

Boost Confidence
What did you love about being a parent? For many it’s the respect from others. Society places value on someone with a child and in terms of women, they view having a child as a symbol of femininity and power.

Losing a child means others will see you differently. If you’re used to being seen in a certain light, a change can be quite shocking.

So why not make the transition easier on yourself? While you’re still in the stage of accepting what happened, taking a Reborn Baby with you when in public can let the change come more gradually.

It’s all about finding a new normal. And after the unthinkable loss, a simple item such as a lifelike Reborn Baby doll may be the key to finding some relief. Allow some emotions to ease so that you become strong enough to face the world again.
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