You May Be Lowering Your Testosterone Levels Unknowingly With These Culprits

Being a man in the 21st century is tough, and it gets tougher when you are exposed to a host of factors which decrease your testosterone levels betraying your manliness, and turning you soft. As one of the best car accident lawyers Burnaby, you need to ensure that you do everything right by you to feel and look like a man, always. 

To prevent further drop and to increase your testosterone levels, beware of the following culprits:

1.       Sushi condiments – Soy Products

If you love sushi, whether as your all-time favorite meal or as the best pick up line, you need to lay it off. While soy sauce adds that delightful taste to your sushi, soy contains isoflavones, the compounds known to raise estrogen levels in the body. Unfortunately, high estrogen levels leave you with low testosterone levels.

You need to avoid soy sauce, tofu, soy milk and every other soy products.

2.       Food packaged in plastic containers

How safe is the plastic you use to store and even warm your food? Plastics are shown to be hazardous to your manliness, all thanks to a chemical, Bisphenol A (BPA), which is a chemical commonly found in polycarbonate plastics used for food and drink containers. 

According to research, BPA seeps into food or the beverage you drink from the plastics, and into the bloodstream. BPA is a reproductive toxic, and it causes a reduction in the blood testosterone levels in the blood plasma.

3.       Statin drugs

If you suffer from any form of cardiac disease, stroke, had a heart attack, high blood pressure, or any other cardiovascular disease, and you use statin drugs, then you should expect lower cholesterol levels as one side effect of the medication.

4.       Sleep apnea

Poor sleeping patterns and sleeping disorders like sleep apnea significantly affect testosterone levels. The main reason why this happens is that sleep apnea causes low oxygen levels in the blood. The low oxygen levels prevent the pituitary glands from signaling your testicles to produce testosterone. As a result, your blood testosterone levels drop.

5.       Flaxseed Products 

Flaxseed products, though popular because of the high omega-3 fatty acids, aren’t a man’s best friend. While we all agree that it has multiple positive benefits, the negative effects may outweigh the positives. 

Flax products are rich in lignans which are highly estrogenic. According to some studies, lignans reduce the available concentrations of free testosterone. Also, the lignans suppress the levels of 5- the a-reductase enzyme necessary for the conversion of testosterone into the more potent version of the hormone, dihydrotestosterone.

And finally, the lignans increase the concentrations of SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Hormone Globulin) that binds to the free testosterone molecules rendering them inactive.

6.       High-PUFA (Poly-Unsaturated Fatty Acid) Vegetable Oils 

Most cooking oils are extracted from plant sources. Unfortunately, the oils from plant sources are unhealthy because they have a low smoke point and the refining process strips the oils of micronutrients, and also leaves the oil with traces of sulfates. 

Besides the unhealthy sulfates, PUFA vegetable oils lower testosterone levels while saturated fatty acids boost testosterone levels. 

Note that nearly all vegetable oils, except coconut, avocado, olive, and palm oils have high PUFA oils. You need to keep your omega-3 and the omega-6 fatty acids ratios at 1:1 or 1:2 but with PUFA vegetable oils, your omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids ratio is as high as 1:16. The high ratio increases oxidative stress and systemic inflammation, eventually causing diseases. Low testosterone is one of the side effects of the high omega -6 levels.

Finally, you should also beware of deodorants and soaps that result in low testosterone levels. On that list, you also have alcohol and trans-fats.
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