Where should you place your Google tracking code?

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that provides a wealth of information that can be used to inform digital strategies and transform your online presence from good to outstanding in a relatively short period of time.

It is imperative, however, that your Google tracking code is placed in the correct location to avoid receiving inaccurate data that could lead your digital strategies down avenues that will ultimately fail to propel you further towards your central business objectives.

Precise placement is crucial for data accuracy

The official advice from Google is to ensure that your tracking code is placed before the closing head tag. The brevity of this advice implies that this is a simple process; however, the number of searches from individuals looking for more precise placement advice suggests that as the possibilities are so numerous, such a generalised approach is not helpful for all.

For 99 per cent of website owners, it is typically safe to place your tracking code anywhere it should run accurately and without encountering any issues; however, there are exceptions to this rule. If you are setting custom variables on your webpage, some additional caution will be required to avoid experiencing a reduction in data collection accuracy. One of the key aspects to get right in these situations is an accurate representation of your website’s bounce rate.

Skewed bounce rates are a common issue within custom variable situations, with actions that would usually count as a bounce - such as a user visiting your webpage, looking at the information on it and then clicking the back button - not being registered as such because the user technically performed a webpage interaction in the process. You should not encounter this or similar issues providing you are fastidious with regard to every small detail.

The importance of data confidence

Having full confidence in your data is crucial, which is why you might find it beneficial to employ London professional SEO services such as https://www.elevateuk.com/seo-services/ to assist you with this important implementation process.

On the surface, tracking code placement might not seem like the most complex task to complete; however, as its importance is paramount, double checking that everything has been implemented properly and that the data you are receiving is accurate is always worth the investment of both valuable time and resources.

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