Top ingredients you should look for in your beauty products

The beauty junkie that you are, you must have already gone through countless bottles of skin creams, tried every vial and jar of moisturizer you can get your hands on and most likely have sampled a pill or two — all promising to revive, restore and maintain the youthfulness and glow of your skin. 

How many have actually delivered?  That could be the trickier question.  If you haven’t already learned the hard lessons, getting the most out of your skincare products is not about what asking, “Does Rodan & Fields Active Hydration Serum really work? nor how much it costs.  The most important consideration is to find out what it is made of.

The essence of a good beauty cream

So what ingredients exactly should you be hunting for?  What should your beauty products be made of?  The next time you shop for your next best beauty product, make sure to read reviews on Gorgeous Girl


The skin naturally produces ceramides.  Unfortunately, as damage accrues and age adds up, ceramides in skin are produced in lesser amounts.  With a weakened skin barrier, your skin becomes more prone to damage.  Ceramides found in beauty products are made from plant oils. Aloe is another ingredient that can help rebuild the skin’s natural protective barriers.

Moisturizing ingredients. 

There are so many fancy ingredients, including harmful synthetics, that find their way into your skin cream.  But, you know what?  The ones that work to moisturize skin turn out to be the most effective, like glycerin.  For a deeper moisturization treatment, look for hyaluronic acid or co-enzyme Q10 which work by attracting moisture deep in your skin where added hydration is needed the most.

Vitamin C. 

This acts as a skin vitamin in every way.  Other than acting as a natural astringent that helps clean and tone skin while also lightening your complexion, Vitamin C and its more stable derivatives act to revitalize skin cells.  It awakens sluggish cellular level processes that help speed up skin cell repair and turnover.

Hyaluronic Acid.

This ingredient binds moisture to the skin, making the skin denser. In turn, your skin will appear firmer and younger.


Don’t stop at Vitamins A and E.  A B vitamin, Niacinamide, is often left out in the antioxidant equation. This nutrient boosts your skin health by about 10 times more.  Multiple studies have confirmed the effectiveness of this hardworking nutrient, among which:

     It reinvigorates skin cells to support optimal level of functioning, particularly useful to patching damages on the skin matrix and also in regenerating skin cells.
     It helps drive up the production of collagen and other skin cells.
     It reinforces the skin’s outer barriers.
     It lightens dark areas of the skin and brings about brighter overall complexion.
     It protects skin from inflammation which is one of the primary causes of skin damage.


In essence, these are a group of more stable derivatives of Vitamin A.  It is the most helpful ingredient for preventing and reversing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.  Studies have likewise repeatedly documented and proven that retinols also act as strong melanin inhibitors, which makes it an ideal alternative to the controversial ingredient, hydroquinone, a suspected carcinogen typically infused in your skin brightening cream.

This ingredient, however, is appropriate only for skin 40 years and up.  People with younger skin are not advised to be on a retinol regimen.

Alpha hydroxy acids. 

Among the most widely accepted mechanisms by which skin is restored and reinvented into its healthier state and keep it that way is through exfoliation.  Unlike traditional exfoliators, AHAs act on the skin by eliminating the damaged and dry skin layers, and flush it out together with impurities stuck on your skin.  The sloughing off action prompts your skin to create a newer skin layer which is softer, more refined and more supple to the touch.


These 7 must-have ingredients, when combined with proper skincare routines appropriate for daytime and nighttime, and a healthy lifestyle shift ate guaranteed to bring about your smooth, beautiful and glowing skin once again.
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