Top 5 Dishes every vegetarian must try at least once

Vegetarianism is a way of life as there are many people who choose this lifestyle to lead better and healthy lives. The reasons might range from wanting to preserve the resources that mother earth provided for us, love for animals, to burn calories faster, or to lead a simple life.

It is definitely a myth that vegetarians do not enjoy good food as the choices they have is innumerable as well. Meat is not the only dish that can tickle your taste buds as there are other varieties of vegetables and herbs that make excellent dishes and bring life to certain cuisines.

In Indian especially, the vegetarian options are plenty ranging from rice, paneer, channa, soya and other options which are mixed and matched to create delightful recipes. Here are a few dish items that are a must try if you are a vegetarian:
  1. Pulses-Pulses can be used to make many kinds of dishes which are tasty as well as nutritious. Channa, Rajma are staple pulses that are converted into delightful dishes such as RajmaChawal, CholeBhature, etc. and are enjoyed equally in both North and South India.
  2. Chaat items-Chaats are a delicacy that are liked and enjoyed by many as an evening snack. Chaats are most often vegetarian with a mix of vegetables, masala, curd and other ingredients. PavBhaji, PaniPuri, Masala Puri, VadaPav, Kachori, etc. are chaats which are famous and delicious.
  3. Parathas-Parathas are also a dish which is healthy, and can be made with many kinds of ingredients. There is a wide range to choose from such as Alooparathas, MuliParathas, etc. which are served very well along with  curd and pickle. Parathas can also be modified with various stuffing such as Soya, Paneer, Gobi, and other vegetables.
  4. Paneer-Paneer is the best ingredient and every vegetarian’s exclusive dish. It is like the best kind of meat for non-vegetarians. Paneer can be incorporated in many cuisines such as Chinese, Indian, and others. Paneer can be grilled, fried, sautéed, etc. Some of the most famous dishes are Paneer Manchurian, Butter Paneer, Paneer tikka, etc.
  5. Biriyani-It might look like Biriyani is a dish exclusively reserved for Non-vegetarians. But you are wrong as there are many parts of India, where vegetarian Biriyani is made using several vegetables such as potatoes, beans, peas, and is prepared in a similar manner except for adding the meat in it.
  6. South Indian delicacies-Dosas, idlis, rice items such as Puliyogare, Bisibele bath, Akki roti, etc. are dishes which are south Indian delicacies and are very famous vegetarian dishes which people love and enjoy. Even South Indian chaats and main course are full of vegetarian items which vary across cities and states. You must definitely travel around and try dishes to give you an authentic feel.
These are some of the dishes and cuisines in India which can help any vegetarian have a satisfying and complete meal.
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