Teenage fashion– set your own trends

Teenage is a fantastic period to experiment with fashion. Teenagers can try different looks and even set their own trends. Here are some fashion trends that teenagers can try in the fall and notch up their style quotient.

Sporty look is in

Looks inspired from sportswear never go out of fashion. This year has seen it getting stronger. You can try this look for the fall. Teenagers who are into athletics look great in sportswear. Even those who are not can still fake it to look cool. Moreover, to look sporty you do not have to spend a fortune. Simple things like a leather cap, sports sneakers or a jacket is enough to create the impact.

Go retro

Retro looks still rock the fashion world. It is good to see the fashion of 50s and 60s making a comeback. Teenagers can try those funky looks of handmade or 925 sterling silver toe rings designs and go resplendent this fall. Bold prints in bright colors, big hoops and peep-toes are must to create the retro look. The retro fashion style will make you look preppy.

Grunge makes a come back

Teenage is identified with rebellion. Youngsters are often found to rebel against the system and create their own rules. Same holds true for fashion. Silver gold or rose gold plated bangles , social hype styles  style fits teenagers well. However, it is important to not overdo it. Going all-out will grunge will be a fashion mistake. It is better to try one or two pieces like leather jackets or ankle boots.

Fashion tips for teenagers

While choosing your own style, you should not forget about comfort. It is important to be able to carry the style you are sporting. Unless you are comfortable in your attire, you will not look or feel comfortable about it and this will show to others. So, choose outfit and  silver jewellry accessories that you not only find stylish but also comfortable to wear.

You do not have to wear shorts just to look cool to your friends. Wearing a pair of jeans or cargos and teaming them with right accessories will make you look chic.

Of course, you cannot forget your lingerie. It is very important to wear the right inner garments so that your outfit drapes well. When it comes to stockings, bodysuits and bodystockings, teenagers have lots of options. Other than regular bras and panties, you can try camisoles and chemises. Make sure that you know your size and cup.

In the growing years, the size will change and you should always consult a professional to know your right size.

Choose inner wear to suit your outfits. Make sure that while wearing light colors you choose inners in lighter shades too so that they do not show through.

Teenage is a lovely time to enjoy life and all things that come with it. Go out and try new trends and find your own style.

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