How can Golf Clubs make sure their Memberships are value for money?

Hard work and customer friendly policies of certain Golf Clubs has helped them grow steadily over the years and they have managed to build a name for themselves that is highly unlikely to be affected by new clubs. Unless you are a successful club the situation could be that there has been a decline in the membership each year. Some people give up on playing golf or taking golf lessons, some move out from that particular town and a few others feel that they do not need a membership or they are unable to work according to the policies of that club. Many of the golf clubs are on the verge of closing down because they are unable to bring in new members. If you need to see an increase in the number of memberships it’s high time that you started thinking out of the box.

What are some of the ways by which you can attract new members?

Attract new members through word-of-mouth

This is one of the oldest and best methods of attracting new customers to the golf club. People tend to trust the words of satisfied customers than advertisements that were paid for. Nothing beats the testimony of a satisfied customer. Most of the successful golf clubs solely depend on this way of advertisement to bring in new customers.

Pay later schemes

Most of the time when the customer is required to pay the subscription fee and the joining fee together it becomes a burden for them and is also likely to turn them away. Allow them to join the club by paying just the joining fee and let them play free for a few months after which the subscription fee can be paid.

Play for 12 months by paying the charges for 9 months

Giving a discount for two or three months during the off season would be a wise idea to retain customers and attract new ones.

Membership for a season

Offering a membership for a particular season is a good way to attract new customers and once they get to experience the good policies of the club they are likely to extend their membership.

Plans for spouses/couples

If your club doesn’t have a lot of couples on the membership list working out discount schemes for them would be a good idea to attract more memberships. You give a certain percentage of discounts on the actual membership fee and could also deduct the entry fees.

Member friendly buggy policy

The club should ensure the safety of the members who have the permission to use buggies by giving them golf buggies that are in good condition. Connect with well-known buggy suppliers for golf buggy hire & sales.

Inviting the old members to re-join, introducing membership plans that are flexible, and including new membership categories are some of the other ways to bring in new customers. In order to retain your present members and attract new ones, you need to work on the current policies of your golf club and bring in new schemes.

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