Why you should buy a dedicated web server

Whenever you decide to buy the hosting for your website, you must have got the question which type of hosting solution is best for my website. For that you must have consulted with your friends, designers, checked the review sites or gone through a research. After consulting, you must have started with the lower plan of shared hosting, but in the future, if you need to expand your resources to improve the performance of the site.

You are required to switch to VPS or Dedicated hosting for better performance of the website. Most of the users are not aware of the concept of a physical dedicated server and they opt for shared hosting. In the beginning, you select the plan based on price and often compromise the quality of service and many other things by selecting the low-cost plan of the shared server.

Why not shared hosting?

As I said above, after consulting with others you opt for shared hosting because of cost and low resource requirement. This usually happens as you lack the information on different hosting solutions and because of that, you have to compromise in the service. In shared hosting, you are sharing a single server with others, whereas in dedicated server you are solely responsible for the management of the server.

Shared hosting is suitable if you have a small business website and in starting phase it is not receiving the huge traffic. Whereas, the big business website who receives large traffic and consist of confidential data opt for cheap dedicated server India .

A dedicated server is expensive as compared to shared hosting because it offers a high-quality resource. In case, you have an eCommerce site and it is receiving a good amount of traffic then dedicated a server is an ultimate option. Whereas in a shared server, your site may get crashed due to heavy traffic as a single server cannot handle the traffic.

In this article, we have listed some of handpick factors that will help you to know why should opt for the dedicated server instead of any other hosting solution. 

1) Better response time:- If you pay more you will get more and worth in terms of return. If you opt for the dedicated server, you will notice that website’s response time has improved and it can easily handle a load of traffic, especially when you are running a campaign or offer on your website.

2) Scalable:-You never know when your website will start over consuming the resources and this might affect your traffic or website may go down. Such situation usually happens in shared hosting as it is not possible to scale the resources immediately due to limited resources. If we talk about dedicated server then it becomes easy to scale the resources during an emergency.

3) Flexibility:- No one like to use the service which has a lot of restrictions. However, it is your choice which service you choose for your website. Dedicated server, you are solely responsible for the management of the resources. While using a dedicated server, you will not get restricted for management of the server. Additionally, you can also install software as per your requirement.

4) Security:-Most of the website owners give first priority to the security of the website in terms of protections due to increasing of hackers. If your website data consists of confidential data or private data on the server then it is essential to get high security. Nowadays, most of the providers offer a spam expert in the plan that helps to protect the website.

5) Bandwidth:-If you have multiple connections at one time, then it is essential to get an equal amount of bandwidth to all the connections. This is possible with the dedicated server because reliable bandwidth is available all the time that ensures applications are running in a good way. Additionally, you get an option of burstability that helps you to cater unexpected spurts of traffic.

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