Road Freight Services Are Fast And Reliable Networks

Also referred as road transport or road haulage, road freight is one of the most efficient and widely used means of transport especially for those states or countries which are either landlocked, not accessible by water, or other reasons. Road Transport made it easier to supply goods from one place to another over the land which has helped the GDP and the economy of the recipient and sender country booming towards success.

Why choose logistics on road Over Others?

If you are thinking about why would it be better to transport goods to the destination via road and not any other ways, here are few points proving the excellence of the services in these aspects?
  1. Distribution-When a contract is established between the sender, receiver, and the road freight services, the road transport allows the sender to send the goods either in whole to the destination or either in parts to various destinations or in different proportion. Thus, it is convenient for distribution of goods.
  2. Speed-A road haulier is a person who hauls the goods onto his wagon, lorry, truck, etc which is then traversed from one point to another. When it comes to over-the-border crossing, road transports have been found out to be efficient and reliable than rail since the hauler is responsible for hauling the goods right to the destination while in a rail transport, the goods or trucks might change several railway authorities until reaching the destination.
  3. Rates-Air Carriers will deliver all your goods quickly but they charge a costly bill, however on the flip side, on road logistics are cost-effective and the rates are usually lower compared to any other type of transport. There are certain catches involved such as no authority would provide insurance cover on goods transported through rail or road but it differs from country to country.
The rules for documentation for loading and unloading of goods differ in different countries. Hauliers or truckers can either be self-operated or under the contract of other companies or on consignment run where they must provide the bill of lading, import/export permit. The truckers who are going for cross-country freight are required to produce customs documents as per required.

Basically, there are two major types of road freight i.e. National and International. The national road freight transport is about storing and unpacking in the same country for which, the vehicle reserves the registration. Similarly, International transport is defined as packing in one country and unloading in another country. This type of freight has 4 categories i.e. International Loaded, International Unloaded, Cross-trade, and Cabotage.


According to the statistics available at Euro stat for 2015, the 26 countries in Europe i.e. EU-26 has observed over 65% of National Road Freight and 35% of International Road Freight after combining and tallying the total goods loaded and unloaded via road.

The countries in Europe with most National Transport is Lithuania, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Slovenia, and others while countries namely Cyprus, United Kingdom, France, Sweden, etc have the highest proportion of national transport in contrast to international trade.
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