Importing From China? – Avoid These Common Mistakes

Importing from China has been a difficult task thanks to the launch of helpful B2B sites such as Alibaba. Maybe you are a seasoned importer or a newbie but it is good to have a continuous learning curve. It takes 3 to 4 shipments for a buyer to know the ins and outs involved in international trade.

Getting into the business of importing from China without a good understanding of the import process and the working environment of the Chinese suppliers and manufacturers can be a huge risk to companies which entire could affect the quality of the products being imported.

Although the process has been made easier and simple after numerous sites like Alibaba were launched, you should always ensure to research about the site you are thinking to use before you take the next step of hitting the button. Take your time to compare different B2B sites and suppliers to ensure you get value for your money. In many occurrences, mostly when business owners are sourcing for new products that they have not dealt with before, small and apparent differences can be missed. It is therefore imperative to compare a broad range of suppliers to avoid being hoodwinked.

Read more to know the mistakes that you should avoid when importing from China so that you maximize your profits and increase likelihoods of a successful import undertaking.

  Not specifying product specifications
As the one importing the goods, you must be clear aboutyour product specifications. Let your supplier know exactly your required specifications to avoid chances of receiving goods that you didn’t want. You can do this in writing and work hand in hand with your supplier so that he/she understands the standards of the products you are looking for as this will enable them to verify the products before they are shipped to ensure that they are in line with what you want.

Hastening a supplier
This is a mistake that most newbies do. They are always in a hurry to see whether the process can work so that they can receive the products to start selling. Remember when you rush the purchasing process; you are more likely going to overlook some important things that could cause numerous problems in the entire import process. You will also not have the time to do extensive research to know what reputable supplier to engage. Therefore, you should not always be eager to engage a supplier who agrees a rapid turnaround time, ensure your supplier will follow all the due processes to avoid future headaches. 

Unworkable price expectations 
When it comes to importing overseas, starters think that it is the only way to get good quality products at cheaper prices. They fail to understand that pricing relies on volume. It is good to note that, the more goods you import the more likely you are going to get discounts. Small buyers will think that even small orders can be sold at cheaper prices. You should not always go into the import venture with unrealistic price expectations. 
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