How Calculus is Applied in Our Everyday Life

Modern Calculus was independently discovered by Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz in the mid of 17th century. It is a Latin word that means ‘stone.’ Calculus is divided into 2 categories. The first category is known as differential calculus. It involves the concepts of function derivatives and analyzes the behavior and rate on how different quantities change. We can easily predict, plot, and analyze the graphs of several complex functions using the method of differentiation. The second category is known as integral calculus. Integration is opposite to the process of differentiation. Even though both differentiation and integration are completely different from each other, both of these concepts are interlinked by the fundamental theorems of calculus.

There are several practical applications of Calculus. The most basic application is while plotting graphs of complex functions or formulas. By using 1st and 2nd order derivatives of any given function, its graph and dimensions could be easily estimated. It is also helpful in determining how a graph of any particular function might look like, including the shape of a graph at any particular point i.e. either convex or concave. Calculus is the language of scientists, economists, and engineers. Calculus finds a lot of applications in our daily life, for example, medicine, microwaves, TV, automobiles, cell phones, economy, etc utilizes the concepts of calculus.

Various Application of Calculus in the different fields of Science and Technology are:

  1. An Architect utilizes the process of integration in calculating the total material required to construct different curved surfaces. It is even helpful in estimating the total weight of the designed structure. Calculus is also utilized in enhancing the structure of important infrastructures like bridges.
2.                  Calculus is utilized by the Electrical Engineers in estimating the exact length of cable required to connect 2 power substations that are miles apart from each other.

3.                  Differential calculus is utilized by the Biologists in estimating the exact growth rate in a bacterial culture when variables like food source and temperature are altered.

4.                  Integration plays a crucial role in Physics. It is utilized in calculating the Centre of Mass and Gravity, in computing the trajectory and velocity of an object, in predicting the location of planets and so on.

5.                  Calculus is utilized by an operation and research analyst to observe various manufacturing processes. By analyzing the values of different variables, they can benefit an organization in improving its profits by enhancing its operating efficiency and production.

6.                  Calculus is utilized by graphics designers in computing the behavior of different 3D models subjected to constantly varying circumstances. It helps in creating a realistic background for video games and animations.

7.                  Calculus is utilized by chemical engineers in Radioactive decay reaction and in determining the rate of any chemical reaction.

8.                  The Credit card companies utilize the concepts of calculus to fix the minimum payments due on credit cards by examining several variables like varying rate of interest, fluctuating available bank balance and more.

From the above points, we have seen how calculus is applied in our everyday life and this knowledge will help the students in having a better understanding of the concept. 

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