Conditions That Lead To Knee Pain and the Treatments

One age-related disease that most people know about is the knee pain. This happens due to the degeneration of the tissues and bones in the knee joint. It leads to swelling and pain. We call this condition as arthritis. If you leave this condition untreated, it will lead to complete destruction of the knee joint.

Causes of knee pain

People of all ages can develop knee pain. It might result from a chronic medical condition or it may be because of an injury. It leads to discomfort. When it occurs in older people it is a result of the aging of the bones and improper diet. The most common cause of knee pain due to an injury is damaged menisci. This is one of the indications to see a doctor immediately.

The menisci are cartilage tissue. They serve the purpose of taking up the shock and preventing the knee from moving out of position. When the menisci tear, it prevents the person from moving about in a normal way. At times, the pain may result from an inflammation. The knee becomes red and tender to touch. This produces intense pain in the region of the tendons. Arthritis is one of the major causes of tendinitis.

Incidence of osteoarthritis

When arthritis occurs in more than one body part, we refer to it as osteoarthritis. It can affect men, women, and children. We see the most incidence of this in women over the age of 50 years. When you lose cartilage, the bones rub against each other. This causes intense pain. You might see it as malformations at birth. It might result from injuries at work or play.

Gout and pseudogout are two other medical conditions that cause pain in the knee. Gout occurs due to the accumulation of the uric acid crystals in the knee. Pseudogout happens when the knee fluids have calcium pyrophosphate. It makes the tissues to swell up leading to pain. Check the Symptoms and Signs of Knee Injuries. Consult your nearest clinic at once if needed.

Normal treatment processes

The treatments vary according to the condition. Over-the-counter pain medication is common as is physical therapy. At times, they may inject medicines straight into the knee. Two common injections used include lubricants and corticosteroids. Surgery is the most common treatment method when there is damage to the tissues. Arthroscopic knee surgery is common and least invasive by nature. You have two other options. They are the partial knee replacement surgery and the total knee replacement surgery.

When you use surgery for implanting a partial or total knee, you must watch for one thing. The structure of the knee is different for the males and females. Until now, all the surgeries took place using the same kind of implant for both males and females. The surgeons had noticed structural anomalies in the shape of the knee.

In recent times, technology has given us the new implants that are specific to the gender. This ensures that the implant is a perfect fit and the person feels normal again after the surgery. You can read more about this technology from the Zimmer Biomet blog.
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