Blue Ombre Hair That Dazzle and Delight

Embrace the ombre with gorgeous shades of blues. From the palest hint of icy blue to a mysterious deep midnight and everything in between, blue ombre hair turns heads with its show-stopping style and charisma. Whether you want to dazzle them at the next big bash or subtly refresh your style with some low-key color, a blue ombre will make it happen.

Ice Princess

This spectacular look works great with all lengths of hair. Start with snowy white roots and gradually blend into dark blue ends. Be prepared for some stares coming your way because of your luxurious locks.

Inky Beauty

This stunning shades-of-blue style is perfect for dark hair. Blended blues and grays work with your natural color to create this striking style.

Bright and Beautiful

This edgy blue ombre hair uses a range of blue and platinum hues to create a captivating look. This one gets you noticed ladies, but be warned. You’ll get lots of attention with this daring ‘do.

Blue Rapunzel

Not for your average princess, this elegant ombre looks out-of-this-world on long hair. Sexy blues and purples blend together for a style everyone will remember.

Soft Blue Braid

This breathtaking style is soft and graceful with a lovely contrast to blonde hair. With blue tips and a few strands of blue in just the right place, this style will intrigue everyone who sees you.

Turquoise Curls

Shades of blue and turquoise look incredible with dark hair. A few curls in just the right places and you are ready to show off your new locks.

Surfing the Waves

This eye-catching combination of blues and purples and whites is just gorgeous. With medium purple hues at the roots that blend seamlessly into lighter blues and violets, your gorgeous mane will be on display for all to admire.

Sleek Blue Bob

An innovative twist on the classic bob, this look shows the world that you have moxie. With a little traditional style mixed with a huge dose of fun, this is the style that puts you right in the spotlight.

Cerulean Goddess

This adventurous ombre gets you loads of compliments with its hues of blues, purples and blacks. You can sure be no one will forget your one-of-a-kind look.

Barely There

A subtle change can make big things happen. With black and grayish blue hues, this powerful ombre combination will have people admiring your magnificent mane.

Barbie Blue

One glance at this sensational ‘do and people will stop in their tracks. They’ll be mesmerized by the ultimate contrast of black and white ombre with a dash of neon blue at the tips.

Blueish Blond

You’ll be the center of attention with this brilliant look. Blonde at the roots with medium strands of blues and purples at the ends is a knockout, runway-quality style that everyone will be talking about. 
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