Best Workouts for Women You Have To Do This Year In 2018

Fitness is a lifestyle and it stands true whether you're a guy or a girl. January is the perfect time to kickstart your resolutions for the year and if you're anything like us at Cult Fitness, you'd always crave a killer deal out of every workout.
Here are some workouts for women, tips and tricks and fitness trends for 2018.


Mix and match is the new fitness splash for 2018. Combining aerobics, cardio, and HIIT workouts into bite-sized sweat-filled sessions will ramp up your heart rates and keep fat burning at the road runner's pace. Whether you're trying to shed your fat into abs or lose weight to become fitter for the year, give cross-training workouts a try. You will be pleasantly surprised. Squats, lunges, burpees, planks, and pushups must be mixed in with cross-training workouts, even biking!


Grab that bottle of water and start hitting your 10k a day from this January! Walking will not only trim down your waistline but is accessible to both men and women! Nothing beats low-impact workout sessions like brisk walking combined with some mini jogging (if your knees can afford it). Give walking a try and aim for anywhere between 2 to 5 miles a day for optimal health. For a steady measure, brisk walk at least 25 to 30 minutes a day minimum. Don't walk on the treadmill every day. Try walking on uneven terrain every other day. This will add resistance and push your muscles harder, thus burning more calories and keeping you in great shape.


Aqua workouts take the cake for body toning benefits. If you're in the mood to spice things up, try out some Aqua Zumba with your partners under the water. Swimming workouts involve underwater aerobics too and are cardio-based which torch calories and tone your legs and upper bodies. Try out flutter kicks, dolphin kicks, and frog kicks for a killer core conditioning workout.

Low-Impact Workouts

For those with knee injuries, chronic back pain, or anyone undergoing rehab treatment, try out low-impact workouts. We recommend trying out chair workouts or lying down workouts if you aren't able to get up and get some exercise. Low-impact workouts target different muscle groups too so you won't be missing out on their benefits, plus they're safe and doctor recommended usually. 


If you want to explore meditation and mindfulness, try out yoga and connect deep within yourself. Yoga purifies the mind, soul, and rids the body of toxins besides improving overall mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. It's been proven that Yoga even contributes to longevity and that's a reason alone to take it up this 2018.

Fitness Apps

Albeit not a workout suggestion but a productivity hack, fitness Apps like HasFit and FitnessBlender combined with fitness technology equipment like FitBit watches and exercise tracking devices will help you meet your fitness goals and keep track of progress. These apps even recommend workouts based on ages and fitness levels which makes them a perfect choice for personal training.


Although these are the best fitness trends and top workouts for women in 2018; other alternatives according to Cult Fitness experts are Zumba, calisthenics, boxing, and Essentrics. Taking up martial arts forms like Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, Judo, and Karate are recommended alternatives too for your fitness journey. Track what you eat, workout at a steady pace and you'll yourself making gains in no time along with your partner. The key is staying motivated and it's the small wins that make the biggest differences.
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