Winstrol –Various Ways It Can Be Used

Anabolic steroids have become a part and parcel of body building industry since many decades. Since their introduction to the industry in the late 1950s there have been many steroids that got introduced with their very own benefits and drawbacks. One of the oldest and most famous anabolic steroids is Winstrol. It is used a brand name given to Stanozolol known to provide all that a body builder aims for. Before starting a cycle, it is better to take a medical advice from a doctor and buy it from a legitimate source to avoid any kind of frustration.

Which form of Winstrol is the best to use?

Winstrol is available both in injection and pills form. Pills are more famous as it is convenient to consume pills than injecting syringes. Also they are more powerful when compared to other forms. For example, they are available in 10 mg and 50 mg doses for women and men respectively. Pills have more of anabolic properties and minimal androgenic properties. It comes under the category of C17-aa hormone. These kinds of pills first pass through the liver that can be beneficial for the body. But there are chances that it can be toxic to the liver.  Moreover, injections are very much different from what the pill form looks like. So while using Winstrol on a daily basis one needs to be very careful.

Working method of Winstrol pills:

They work in various ways and also benefit the body in many ways.

Nitrogen retention:

Any body builder would require retention of nitrogen as it the key in maintaining energy levels. An effective nitrogen balance indicates that all proteins are well consumed. Winstrol helps in retaining nitrogen in the body thereby maintaining good energy.

Helps protein synthesis:

It is a fundamental biological process through which cells build specific proteins. It is important as protein is the pivotal source of energy for muscle growth.

Improves body metabolism:

Just like any other anabolic steroid Winstrol is also effective in improving body metabolic rate. It improves strength and helps free flow of blood through the body there by improving body metabolism.

Lowers SHBG:

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) is significantly lowered with Winstrol. Excess testosterone in women and low Testosterone levels in men are common among body builders using steroids. But with Winstrol you need not face that difficulty as it lowers SHBG.

Benefits of Winstrol pills:
  • Enhanced performance
  • Less fatigue and tiredness
  • Improvement in vascularity
  • Ripped figure with great looks
  • Hard and stiff body
  • Growth of lean mass tissue
  • Better recovery post injury
Pills have half-life of only about 9 hours. But injections last up to 24 hours.  Pills are commonly called Winni V and injections are referred to as Winstrol depot. Though there are slight differences on a larger end both are more or less the same. Whether it is oral administration or injections it is important to take dosage in to consideration as high doses will adversely affect the whole system.
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