Will douching help you to keep the yeast infections at bay?

Douching is a process where your vagina is cleaned and rinsed. The common method adopted in this regard is to throw in water or it could be in the form of a similar solution. Vinegar or iodine is commonly used and their main objective is to remove the discharge along with other contents.

Douching during pregnancy is a strict no and this can be obtained from over the counter in a medical shop. A host of companies go on to incorporate vaginal douches of different fragrances that are really appealing. It is quite possible for you to get these products with a prescription if you are victim of conditions like a yeast infection.

As far as the symptoms associated with vaginal douches is concerned, it would include pain or some form of burning in the region of your vagina. At a certain point of time there can be a foul smell which is going to emerge from the vaginal area as well. This would make it painful to urinate as well.

Some of the symptoms that are not picked up are changes in the patterns of smell that emerge from the vaginal area. Mostly all the symptoms are same which you are going to associated with bacteria or yeast infections which go on affect the vaginal area. When you are on a visit to your doctor it is suggested that you do not douche as this is going to get rid of all the discharge revolving around that region.

The reason for a vaginal douche may vary from one lady to another. There is no particular reason to pinpoint in this regard. Some of them may tend to use to get rid of the remaining blood after their periods, but this is not needed as the body can go on to clean itself as well. Some women may think that it is one of the methods to prevent any form of sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy after any sexual intimacy.

But what people fail to understand it cannot prevent any form of sexually transmitted disease or can be considered as a contraceptive. A lot of women go on to douche to get rid of their vaginal odours. It is very important for any women that if you are a victim of vaginal odour then it is necessary to get a proper diagnosis and find the exact reasons.

It is in fact a matter of real surprise that douching during pregnancy or if that is not the case is not an advisable thing to do. There have been numerous studies conducted till now that state that douching can reduce the chances of being pregnant by 30 %.

When you use a vaginal douche on a recurring basis it alters the chemical balance within the vagina. This would mean that a lady is more prone to infections or other form of bacteria around the region of vagina. So irritation along with infection is going to be a routine occurrence if you douche regularly.
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