Use Movavi Screen Recorder to download your favorite series

Are you looking forward to catch your favorite series from Netflix or Amazon Prime? That’s great but to watch soaps or movies online you will need a constant stream of internet. What if you wish to watch the videos sometime when you are offline? Well, the regular 3rd party software programs for downloading online videos might create issues for your PC. So, does that mean you can’t download your favorite online videos and watch them while you are offline? Certainly not and you have Movavi Screen Recorder to help you here. The Movavi product features an intuitive interface that will enable you to copy your favorite movies or series online and save that easily in your PC.

Here is how to download videos from any website with Movavi Screen Recorder-

Download & install

First you will download & install the Movavi Screen Recorder in your PC.

Set recording frame

Then, open the video and draw capture frame with the Movavi program over your chosen video. You can take the help of in-built preset capture frames from Capture Area to save time while selecting the capture frame.

Rip video from website

Click on REC tab to begin capturing. You will play the video after 3 seconds. After the recording is over, hit on Stop tab and your video will be saved automatically into hard drive. 

Edit & convert

Movavi Video Converter enables you to edit the downloaded video. You can remove some unwanted parts with the scissors symbol in the Movavi program window. After the editing, click on Save As.

If you want to change the video from the default MKV format into any other video format, you can choose your option from the Export section on program window. Then, click on Save to save the video. The video will be set in just seconds.

Important features of Movavi Screen Recorder-

Ability to download video from any website

Movavi Screen Recorder is an advanced online video downloaded and it is able to download any kind of video from any website.

Grab audio from different sources

One of the coolest parts of Movavi Screen Recorder is that it allows users to capture audio from various sources. So, in case, you wish to personalize the captured video with voice narration or background audio- you can easily do that as a Movavi user.

Help with video editing

Movavi Screen Recorder is not just about video downloading. It also helps with basic editing functions.

Supports multiple video formats

Movavi Screen Recorder is compatible with all the popular video formats so that you can convert the captured video in any format.

Lightning fast conversion

Movavi Screen Recorder assures super speedy conversion of recorded videos with no compromise on quality. 

Useful tips for users

You can use hotkeys to control the recording process.
Window users will use-
F9 – pause or resume
F10- stop
Mac users will use-
  1 – pause/resume
  2 - stop

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