Looking to Enjoy a Game with Friends? Buy PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds!

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds isn’t a new name that any gamer can hear or talk about in the community. It’s been almost a year since it released as early access for all gamers and everyone’s been talking about it quite fervently. The concept of the game is quite simple: Survive. Just like any Battle Royale game like H1Z1 or the Arma2 Mod, this game places every player’s focus on survival. After getting to buy PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and starting to play, each user needs tokill other players in the game to keep themselves safe or avoid threats by treading carefully. However, this formula has been tweaked optimally to ensure that nothing gets repetitive and that players get a fun filled game that they can enjoy, no matter how many hours they splurge in it.
As a result of all this careful attention, the game is finally able to deliver what it set out to do: An enjoyable gaming experience for everyone and all sorts of groups. So much so that it finally came out of early access in December with a strong and confident releases as Player Unknown Battlegrounds Steam and even on consoles like XBOX One.

What Different Modes can one enjoy after they opt to buy PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds?

Generally, in PUBG, there are 4 different modes as of such late that players can begin and proceed with in each session of their playing PUBG. These are:
  1. Solo:
This is one such game mode that anyone can enjoy. As the name suggests, the player in this mode is playing by themselves and are alone in the match. They are dropped onto a map and have to fend for themselves as a single player, looting new items and armor while roaming alone. As such, they have to cover large distances either on foot or in a vehicle while being attentive towards all directions, wary of potential threats and taking them on when needed.
  1. Duo:
Players can also opt to play Duo or Dual matches where they are allowed to play with a single friend as partners in the game. They need to face other duos and as such, win with their help, taking on all other partnerships by rummaging for loot and safe footing.
  1. Full Squad:
The full squad game mode is intended for parties of 4 PUBG players who would like to play as a team. A player can have three other friends join their lobby and get dropped into a match together, banding together and surviving as a team. This game mode needs the most attention and level of care as opposed to others since all users need to function as a team, a single unit in order to survive and win.

Apart from such game modes, players who receive PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds price conveniently can play solo against squads too. In this game mode, a user can go solo against two man, three man or full squads, just to test their mettle since they aren’t expected to survive. These are the different modes that everyone can enjoy by playing PUBG and after they decide to Buy PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.
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