Interesting Reasons to Utilize Soda Blasting

So many people are now turning toward soda blasting. Gone are the days when sand blasting was the main cleaning process. Today, it is better to avoid sand blasting because of health risks and less-than-perfect results.

You cannot use it on soft surfaces, which is another reason why soda blasting is now an increasingly popular cleaning process. Here are some interesting reasons why you may want to take advantage of this process.

  • It helps clean and de-coat in a single step. If you opt for standard abrasive blasting, you will not get clean results. In fact, it leaves the surface with contaminants, such as tar, oil, grease, and abrasive particles. The problem gets worse when you opt for recycled abrasives because they embed contaminants into the substrate. The use of pure sodium bicarbonate blast media changes everything because it not only de-coats the substrate but cleans it at the same time as well. This leaves the surface clean and free of any contaminants.
  • It uses a different cutting action, which makes it much better than other abrasives and cleaning processes. Sodium bicarbonate is soft and friable, which utilizes a unique cutting action. While cutting through the coatings, it does not cause any damage to delicate surfaces. This is yet another reason why it makes great sense to switch to soda blasting.
  • It works better than other processes because it does not require any cleaning prior to blasting. If you opt for conventional blasting methods, you will first have to clean carbon, grease, salt or any other contaminant. No such thing is necessary when you opt for soda blasting.
  • It is a good idea to use soda blasting because it does not profile steel. That happens because the existing anchor pattern is exposed when a coating is removed from a metal surface. This ensures that there is no need to re-profile steel, especially when there is no issue of corrosion.
  • It helps reduce solid waste significantly. This benefit comes from the fact that sodium bicarbonate blast media dissolves quickly in fresh water. This makes it easy to filter out all the contaminants. Once the contaminants are removed, the solution can be discharged to open waterways. This does not require any discharge permit either.
In addition to these, there are many other benefits associated with the use of soda blasting. For instance, many people choose this option because it is a natural rust inhibitor. It means that if baking soda is on a ferrous metal surface, you do not need to worry about any rusting or similar issues. Furthermore, soda blasting is a great choice because it reduces cleanup costs.

Increased worker safety is another added benefit of using soda blasting. The use of bicarbonate does not pose any health risks, which is another reason why soda blasting is much better than other cleaning processes. Therefore, you should certainly take advantage of this cleaning option, but just be sure to take your time and select the best service provider.
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