Hiring Digital Marketers with aptitude and Skill by using Screening Tests

Companies that need strong people must test their recruits before they hire them. When you need strong marketers, the tests must include the ability of the candidates to take ‘no’ for an answer and yet remain steady on their path to selling the product. They must have the skill needed to communicate the advantages of the product and see the customer’s viewpoint on the matter.

Testing for skills and strengths

The digital marketing skills assessment includes tests to find the skill of the candidate in using social media apps.  You will get the results along with the recommendations of the analysis. It will show the areas of strengths and the possible directions of development possible.

Use proven technology to test and hire the best people from the list of candidates. Technical prowess is the basis for the selection but the test need not stop there. You need people who have an aptitude for work. They must show their willingness to work by answering the questions given in this section.

You must reject those who cannot answer. You can build your pipeline by including the candidates who have managerial capabilities so they can grow with the concern and take up responsible positions in the organisation.

Find people who learn on the job

You can find if your candidate has strong learning agility or not. The test will have questions that test this aspect by asking leading question with inter-linked answers. The psychometric analysis tests will determine the possibility of the person being a good fit for the job using behavioural competency frameworks and linking them to the data available on the candidate.

The advantages of doing the digital marketing skills assessment change the complexion of the selection process. You can see who has scored more marks and who has not. This tells you which candidate will be able to do the marketing well. You can benchmark the top performers in the candidate's exam so you need not do the testing again.

Select candidates in different fields

These tests help you hire people in every niche. They design these tests to check the capability of the candidate in the respective field such as Engineering, BPO, or Front Office among many others. These tests include technical tests, programming tests, aptitude tests, behavioural tests, law tests, simulation-based testing, and vocational assessment.

The tests will aim to determine which of the candidates has the ‘go-get’ attitude and will always achieve a sales target. These are the people who can stay all day on the field and are most satisfied only when they have made a sale that day. By using the proper questions, you can find these candidates and select them.

It is important to choose the candidates with inherent marketing skills since you cannot teach this to those who do not have the aptitude for marketing and sales. You can prevent costly mis-hires by rejecting the candidates who show little initiative towards sales. Further, people with good exposure to the digital marketing media must have the preference.

Check for the candidates who have knowledge of Search Engine Marketing, social media marketing, and e-commerce marketing. Once you screen them at the first stage by a screening test, you can concentrate on those with extra qualifications and get a good candidate for your organisation.
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