Frosted Films: Types, Benefits, How to Apply and More

If you want to know what frosted films windows are, let me tell you one thing that you have already seen it in offices or homes. Frosted glass is used to option privacy where methods like acid etching or sandblasting are used. The process used in frosted films makes the glass translucent since it scatters lights in either direction thus resulting in a blurred image of the outside world.

On the contrary, Frosted films are simply films that are applied to the glass to produce a similar look. Frosted Films are used heavily in offices where cabins are covered with frosted films to either secure the parameter from eavesdropping as well as with the company’s logo, etc.

What Are the Different Types of Frosted Films Available for The Windows?

If you are considering getting your windows frosted with these films, there are a huge variety of films available depending upon the level of privacy you might require.
You can easily choose from the plain frosted films, which are low in cost and they are more durable. They are dubbed as basic frost, and it is a plain film which can either partially or fully block the light from outside.
  1. Sand Blast Frost: The film has a frosted crystal-like structure which ensures complete privacy. This can be customized based on user’s requirements.
  2. Etch Effect Film: Etched or engraved carvings on this film make your windows tantalizing and beautiful. The carvings can be customized along with the background color so that you never stick to something you don’t like.
  3. Colored Frost: Available in different colors and shades, these films ensure you get to choose your favorite color along with the frosted appearance and privacy. Apart from the above-stated types of frosted films, there are tons of other types such as Static-cling Frosted Film, White Frost Film, Opal Frost Film, Textured Frost Film, etc.
These colored frost films usually block 99% of UV rays from being penetrated through the window.

Steps On How To Apply Frosted Films on Windows?

The method to apply frosted films on windows is similar to applying any ordinary window films. Here, either you can ask for help from experts who will apply the films on your behalf either full or in partial. It is also easy to install the thin tinted frosted films by using the DIY techniques.

You can go through a home improvement journal for the same: 

Step 1 - First, you are required to cut the size of the film according to your window or glass size. You can obtain the measurements and then, ask for the frosted films from any vendor curtailed to the size of your window.

Step 2 - Once you receive the cut frost film, next step is to clean the windows with water and soapy solutions to ensure it is clean. You can use sprays to wipe out any dust or stains from the window.

Step 3 - Once done, take the frosted film from the liner and pasted it directly onto the wet glass and stick it. Note that there are air bubbles that exist within the film so, take a flat object like a credit card to push the air bubbles to the edges.

Step 4 - Finally, wipe out the excess water with a dry towel and there you go.

The cost of frosted films depends on various aspects such as the type of frosted film, depth, roll width, etc. It also includes the opaque or transparency of the film which can be altered in order. The usual cost of frosted films is based on square feet based on the total area of the windows.
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