Best Innovative Legal CRM Software for Your Law Firm

It's very difficult to speak about legal CRM systems. And, first of all, because it is almost impossible to say something new on that topic: many books and articles have been written about CRM.

But here is the paradox: in theory, there is no doubt that business needs CRM tools, but in practice, CRM system is implemented only by large players in the legal services market. As a result, small firms don't use CRM software in daily activities.

What is CRM system?

On the one hand, CRM is an ideology that is the basis for the formation of a certain business strategy of a firm, on the other hand, a culture of interaction with customers, including, in particular, the principles of collecting, storage and analysis of all the information about customers. At the same time, CRM software deals with a whole complex of business processes related to interaction with customers, automating the routine ones and therefore increasing the productivity of a business.

Thus, CRM is not just a tool, but an extremely necessary tool: without an this system it is practically impossible to provide an outstanding customer experience with customers of a law firm.

Here you can read about the unique features of CRM for Law Firms.


Bpm'online is a multifunctional customer relationship management system. The vendor provides a legal CRM solution for law firms, which helps to take into account and process all customer requests – phone calls, letters, applications from the site. You can find more information about this system at

What bpm'online offers to your firm:
  • customer database management;
  • enterprise social network;
  • efficient field force management;
  • marketing, sales and service automation.

LegalTrek is a CRM software, which provides highly specialized legal support. This CRM system is set up so that a new contact gets to a free lawyer automatically. If you offer a wide range of services – contact can be transferred to an employee in accordance with his specialization.

What LegalTrek offers to your firm:
  • contact database management, segmentation;
  • registering interactions with clients (history of communication);
  • online sales statistics;
  • integration with the company's website – applications placed on the site are automatically transferred to the CRM.

Nutshell is a user-friendly small business CRM. It is a simple and easy-to-use CRM for lawyers that has all the necessary functions to help automate the sales process and increase the profit of the legal company. For the benefits of your company, you can set deals and tasks for each client with a certain deadline.
What Nutshell offers to your firm:
  • automate many of the repetitive admin tasks;
  • deliver the tools, tips, and support needed to win more deals;
  • fast implementation;
  • support service;
  • mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Lexicata is a CRM system created specifically to meet law firm’s needs. Law firms have 2 growth strategies. The first one is to provide services at a high level, so that satisfied customers recommend the company to friends and acquaintances. The second option is to actively invest in advertising. It is necessary to understand exactly which advertisement is profitable and which is not. Here, the legal company again needs to automate the analysis of ongoing advertising campaigns, and Lexicata CRM system can help with that.
What Lexicata offers to your firm:
  • centralized customer base and a history of interactions with them;
  • workflow automation;
  • prompt monitoring of orders execution;
  • notifying customers about the availability of documentation (sms-, email-alerts);
  • monitoring financial performance through the statistical system;
  • configuring the access rights of the system users, limiting or expanding their visibility.

OnSite CRM
As a rule, legal companies receive many incoming applications. Each client has a lot of nuances which are not easy for a sales specialist to keep in mind. You cannot rely only on people – there have always been and will be mistakes because of the human factor. 

The larger the legal company becomes, the lower the quality of the service and the greater the number of dissatisfied customers. If the company wants to continue developing, it is necessary to automate the processes – to implement legal CRM. OnSite CRM can be such an efficient solution.

What OnSite CRM offers to your firm:
  • storing customer data in a single database;
  • creating contracts in a couple of clicks;
  • monitoring the performance of employees;
  • monitoring the financial performance of the company;
  • secure client base and differentiation of user actions;
  • complete security and confidentiality of customer data.
There is no doubt that business needs CRM tools. It is almost impossible to provide an outstanding customer experience in law firm without a legal CRM solution.
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