Why India is the Best for Neurosurgery

India is now a rising hub of medical tourism in the world. This is due to the world-class facilities, trained medical care professionals and highly skilled specialty doctors teamed with the affordable rates for all medical treatments that meet international quality standards. Neurosurgery is one of the most demanded treatments within this.

Both brain and spine surgeries fall under the umbrella of neurosurgery. While over 2000 hospitals in India perform most basic neurosurgeries, there are only about 200 super specialty hospitals that have the best doctors who compete for the spot of best neurosurgeon doctor in india that perform the more complex neurosurgeries.

The success rate of neurosurgeries performed in India very often exceed the international standards that are set to assess the same. All spine surgeries in India are performed exclusively by doctors who have trained extensively and specialized in the same and practices of the past that involved orthopedic surgeons also performing such surgeries cannot be found anywhere.

The operation theatres in hospitals offering neurosurgery are top-class and equipped with cutting-edge technology from leaders in diagnostic technology like Siemens and GE. Some of the technology available, like the Brain Suite incorporating intra-surgery MRI imaging, is not even available in many parts of the West. The neurosurgeons available to do the procedures not only have strong academic credentials, they also have had training before in Japan, South Korea and other Western centers of medicine. This leads to them having both proper theoretical knowledge and good experience in performing all kinds of surgeries as per their specializations.

The hospitals that lead in neurosurgery in India are also ranked among the top hospitals internationally as well. This is not a surprise considering that these hospitals not only have extremely good hospital infrastructure in terms of the equipment and material resources but also team this with extremely good human resource management. Top specialty neurosurgeons who are highly qualified are present along with a team of the best neurologists, interventional neuroradiologists, and interventional radiologists. The top hospitals also have the practicing top 10 neuro physician in india.

The addition of neuro physicians to the team ensures that the hospital has the facility to treat neuropathic pain, stroke, epilepsy, and age-related diseases like dementia. Neuro physicians do not perform surgeries and prescribe treatment through the use of non-surgical interventions and medicines that may curb these ailments. Both neurosurgeons and neuro physicians practice in the field of neurology.

The practice of neuro physicians mostly also overlaps with specialties of pulmonology, physical medicine, and cardiology. The very high success rates of neurosurgery performed in India is due to the availability of highly skilled neuro physicians as well since it is one of the overlapping specialties with neurosurgery and is required for effective diagnosis of many ailments and primary treatments to get them under control as well.

Due to all of the above, it can be seen that India is preferred for getting any neurosurgery because of the low cost of the procedures that comes without any compromise in the quality of the procedure and a higher success rate as per international standards of measuring the same.
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