Ultimate Wedding Planning & Timeline Checklist

Wedding occasion must be the most fulfilling and happening day not only for you but also for the family members and the guests. Everybody should remain overwhelmed with praise and astonishment by the grandeur.

From choosing the perfect gown to walking the aisle and serving the most exquisite lunch to the guests are challenging. You must be thoroughly prepared by following the wedding planning checklist from a year and a half before the final day.

Guiding you through the unique wedding planning checklist (back calculation):-

18- 12 months
  • Set your budget. Everything is priced.
  • Fix a tentative amount.
  • Choose a venue. If it comes to your affordability, book it. Be secured by an advanced booking so that you don’t need to rush during the peak season.
  • Make your guest list and add some extra in case they bring a friend or an uninvited visitor.
  • Decide whether you wish to vow in front of the Almighty (church) or a decorated hall.
  • Get a marquee if required.
  • Talk to the registrar.
12-9 months
  • Select your friendly bridesmaids, ushers and the best man.
  • Photography and videography are two vital aspects. Hire a reputed videographer. His/her artworks will save your impressive seconds. 
  • Sort out all the transport issues.
  • Want some rock and roll, and wish to dance with everybody? Hire a DJ or an orchestra.
  • Decide the menu. Nowadays, renowned caterers are offering various kinds of delicacy packages. If you want to have your customized food items to give the guest’s taste buds a boost, tell them your requirements.
  • Hunt for your wedding dress. Be sure what kind of look you want. Your fantasy queen look must enchant everybody in the wedding arena. You can put your money on a qualified designer to get you the tailor cut outfit.
9-6 months
  • If you desire to add extra sparks, book fireworks, magician or a stand-up comedian for the complete blast.
  • You must not forget to book the florist and order the required amount of flowers and garlands for decoration.
  • Choose a good bakery or individual cake maker.
  • Matching shoes, jewelry, and lingerie are equally important as your dress. Buy them.
  • Your wedding planning checklist must not shun the hair and makeup artist. Book beforehand so that you can pre-plan the princess like face and don’t have to run to parlors during the ultimate moment.
6-3 months
  • Want a theme? Choose your bridesmaids’ dresses for a good contrast.
  • Don’t forget your better half to be. Sort out the groom's wear.
3-0 months
  • Not much time is left.
  • Start sending the invitation cards to the aspired guests.
  • Check your dress and shoe fittings.
  • Buy ‘thank you gifts’ for the guests.
  • Write the speech you want to deliver.
  • Take care of your skin and hair for getting the ravishing glow.
Final week
  • Confirm every order and timing.
  • Give briefings to the bridesmaids, best man, etc. for preparation.
  • Pay all dues.
  • Collect the dresses.
  • Never forget to have waxing, manicure, and pedicure.
  • The ultimatum: - ‘Beauty sleep’ because that’s what needs the most to get the flawless magnificence.
Don’t wait for the last few days to finalize all the aspects. For avoiding any unfortunate mishap, follow the suggested wedding planning checklist and do the needful.
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