Pilgrimage circuit around Madurai

Madurai is amongst the most ancient cities in India and has an amazing history and cultural heritage. It was under the rule of Pandya kings for the longest time during which it witnessed construction of numerous beautiful temples. Meenakshi Temple, dedicated to the goddess Meenakshi is the most important attraction of this town. ThiruparankundramMurugan temple is another famous old temples located on a hillock about 8 km from the city. In fact Madurai is close to many pilgrimage towns and the whole circuit around Madurai is a heaven for religious people. Devotees prefer to take car rental in Madurai to travel to their places of interest. We are highlighting the major pilgrimage towns near Madurai.

Rameshwaram: At a distance of 171 km from Madurai, Rameshwaram is most famous for having one of the Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva.  Rameshwaram Temple is amongst the most famous Shiva shrines in India and it is believed that visit to Banaras is not complete without a pilgrimage to Rameswaram. As per the mythology, Rameswaram is the exact place from where Lord Rama built a bridge across the sea to rescue his wife from Ravana. For your travel to Madurai, you can hire Madurai to Rameshwaram cabs through Savaari.com and get the most affordable fares.

Thanjavur: It is also known as Tanjore and is renowned for the Brihadeeswarar Temple, built by RajarajaChola in the year 1010 AD. Also called as the Big Temple, it is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India and amongst the best places to to experience the history and culture of Tamil Nadu. The serene town is situated on the banks of River Cauvery. It was the capital of the Chola, Mutharayar and Maratha dynasties when they were at the prime. Thanjavur has been a major cultural and religious centre of South India.

Palani: Palani is one of the padiveedu (meaning abode) for Lord Murugan and is an important pilgrimage for Hindus. The temple of Pazhaniandavar is perched on top of the Palani Hills at the height of approximately 1400 feet from the sea level. On a clear day devotees can see the Idumban Hill, the Kodaikanal Hills, the rivers of Palani and even the Kurinjiandavar temple in Kodaikanal hill from the top. If you are travelling with family, it is recommended to book taxi from Madurai to Palani for a safe and comfirtable journey.

Srirangam: At a distance of 145 km from Madurai, Srirangam is well renowned for Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple which is the most important of the eight self-manifested shrines of Lord Vishnu. The temple is constructed in the Dravidian style of architecture and sprawled over an area of 156 acres. It is positioned on an island formed by the Rivers Cauvery and Kollidam. It is believed that temple is in existence since 2nd century BC but the archaeological evidence is available only from the 10th century CE.

Srivilliputhur: This place is known for SrivilliputhurAndal Temple which is an ancient Hindu temple considered as one of the 108 divyadesams of Lord Vishnu. The Raja gopuram is the tallest in Tamil Nadu and is used as the Emblem of Tamil Nadu Government. The emple tower was built by PeriaAlwar with the support of the Pandian king Vallabadevan. The Andal Shrine was constructed and renovated by different kings of Pandya dynasty.
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