How To Remove Stickers From Your Car?

The stickers on cars are used to distinguish it from other vehicles, to give it more personality, and to make your car look different from the rest. Some prefer to put the stickers on their bonnet, doors, roof while some just decorate the safeguards to make their Ford F-250 Bumpers look different.

Thanks to these with which you can show people your favorite soccer team, your musical tastes, identify with the values ​​or lifestyle of a brand, define your ideology or simply decorate your vehicle.

But, what happens if you want to sell your car and remove all its stickers? What happens if you put a sticker on your vehicle without your prior consent and you want to remove it? Or what if you decide to change your image because you are no longer a fan of that music group?

What will you need to be able to remove a sticker from your car?

- A hair dryer (it seems weird, but it is necessary to warm the sticker and the glue softens)

- Plastic card - can be a library card, credit card, supermarket card, etc.

- Product Special cleaning cars.

- Rag with soap and water. To remove the rubber residue and clean the affected area.

Where to start? We detail the steps to remove a sticker of your car:

1. To begin, make sure that the sticker and its surrounding are completely clean. If the area is not dirty it makes the job much easier and we will remove the sticker more quickly.

2. Connect the dryer and keep it on in the warm air position about 2 centimeters from the sticker. Do not put the utensil in direct contact with the sticker , it could affect the painting of the chassis of the vehicle.

3. Keep the dryer pointing to the center of the sticker , making sure that the air that comes out is hot to soften the glue. Leave the edges of the sticker to the end. It is advisable that you do so, since the rubber has to be warmer at the edges for the next step.

4. Use the card meticulously to remove the sticker. It usually begins at one end and separate the rubber from the car. It is advisable to use your fingers to stretch the  sticker and help remove it from the car. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to make the task easier.

5. When you have removed the sticker, you can repeat steps 1-4 if sticky residue remains. You can help with a rag with soap and water or a special cleaning product for cars that does not hurt the paint of the vehicle.

On the contrary, there are a series of objects that you should NEVER use to remove a sticker from your car body otherwise you will have to look for a Ford f150 Rear Bumper Replacement:

- Cutter: With this tool you could scratch the car and remove the paint from the car.

- Acetone is a too aggressive product to apply in our car. Most likely, it removes the brightness of the paint in the area where we apply this product. Other substances can damage the paint of your car.
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