How Can I Utilize the Year I Have Dropped to Ace IIT?

Acing IIT is nothing less than a challenge. A great deal of hard work and sheer determination goes behind that successful score. At times, students also drop a whole year to strengthen their fundamentals so that they can crack the exam. However, a year’s time is quite long and many students who drop a year find themselves in the pool of confusion as to what to do in that year to ace the IIT.

The question that you have asked is quite poignant to such students. Well, worry not for we are here to help you understand the crucial points you must take and the distractions that you must avoid to achieve success in your entrance exam.

Things You Should Do
·         Start Fresh
As you are on a new journey, you have to start afresh. There are high chances that the topics that you have studied in the past two years may not be as fresh in your mind as they were before. Hence, begin by going through your syllabus once more.

·         Clear Your Fundamentals
If your basic concepts are clear, then you will not have aproblem in solving the complex questions. Therefore, it is very important that you must strengthen your fundamentals. This will also help you in enjoying your subjects more.

·         Enroll Yourself in A Reputed Coaching Institute
Though self-study is quite efficient, any preparation without the guidance of a guru is always incomplete. There will be times when you will not be able to understand a complex problem. This is where the need of a good coaching institute appears. For on point preparation, you need to enrollyourself in a good coaching institute. There are many coaching instituteslike Aakash Institute that have been helping young engineering aspirants like you in achieving their IIT dreams since years. To know more about the factors like learning environment and faculty of the institute, you can check Aakash Institute Delhi reviews and take an informed decision.

·         Practice, Practice and Practice
Prepare a checklist of all the topics that you have covered and begin practising mock tests. You can also take online quizzes to evaluate your progress. The more you practice, the better you will become. In addition to improving your grip on the subject, practising will also help you in increasing your speed and accuracy that play an important role in the final examination.

·         Focus on Health
While dedicating yourself to the preparation, you must also focus on your health. A healthy body will help you keep up with your studies and get away with stress.

Things You Should Avoid

·         Procrastination
The first and foremost thing to avoid is procrastination. As you have a whole year in front of you, there will be times when you will push things to tomorrow. If you keep on procrastinating, the result will be nothing but a bunch of regretful words. So,utilize your time and make the most of it!

·         Too Much Social Media
We know that it is difficult to stay away from addictive social media sites like Facebook, but remember it is also very difficult to ace IIT exams, right? So, try to put a limit on your social media usage. Alternatively, you can check out the pages related to IIT Entrance Exams to get more idea about the syllabus and exam pattern.

·         Less Sleep
Utilize your time but don’t exploit it. Do not burn your midnight oils frequently as it can have adverse effects on your health. Incomplete sleep can make you feel annoyed and can also affect your concentration power. So, while you study well, do not forget to sleep well as well.

Utilize your year by following these points, and there are high chances that you can acethe upcoming IIT exams with perfection. Always remember that this dropped year is the time where you must put all your efforts to reach the first step towards your engineering goals. So, make sure you take effective actions. Best of luck!
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