History of Malvani Cuisine and Special Aspects of Dishes

The Malvani dishes are part of the cuisine of the coastal parts and associated regions of Maharashtra and Goa. The cuisine has its special characters making it famous across the country. The taste of food in Malvani cuisine is unique and there are lots of choices to choose from with regard to the ingredients or type of dish.

These dishes are especially made because of the spices they have that are from Malvani. These dishes have walked their way through history and the flavours have still remained same.

Specialties of the dishes from Malvani cuisine

Just like every other cuisine, there is uniqueness to Malvani cuisine. The unique character of Malvani dishes come from their geographical location making it simpler to let them differ from other Indian cuisines. Both non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes are prepared with similar type of methods and foods have special characteristic taste.

1. The Malvani dishes are from the coastal areas and therefore equivalent amount of coconut is used in every dish, as per necessity. Therefore benefits of coconuts are present in these dishes.

2. Authentic taste of dishes from Maharashtra is found in the dishes. This is because of the special way through which the dishes are made and obviously the ingredients play a major role.

3. The special mixed spice used in food are made up of special spices naturally prepared. These make the food delicious and get a unique taste.

The special amenities of the dishes have resulted in making them different from others. Taste of dishes is one of the most important reason for which they are famous all around the country. People make the dishes in their own way, but the best way is to make it is the old traditional way.

Malvani dishes those are famous all around the country

There are certain dishes that are made especially in this place, which are now served in various restaurants and they are also prepared in homes, with easy methods of preparation. There are dishes like Kombi Vade, Solkadhi, Bangda Fry, Malvani mutton curry, Malvani chicken or Murgh Malvani and many more.

These dishes are easy to prepare and are delicious. The natural ingredients in them make them healthy for the body. Therefore with all strings attached, the cuisine has turned out to be famous all around the world.

There are dishes prepared keeping the traditional cuisine and demands of people around in mind. This is the reason it became famous all around the country at a faster rate. Every dish prepared here is unique with respect to the ingredients and taste making the total package of dishes a prized possession for people.

Moreover, these dishes have a tradition maintained along with a history of Maharashtra. This makes the dishes famous among people around Maharashtra and other states of the country.

Delicious food has always been a part of India's culture and this cuisine has retained their place. Thus, Malvani cuisine is worth a try while visiting these places.
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