Everything You Need to Know About Time-Tracking Software

Any business, whether small, medium or large scale aims to increase productivity and reduce unproductive work in the workspace. In fact, a proper workspace management is all about how to add more value and productiveness to the organization. And when the time is a precious resource, nobody wants to waste it. The time-tracking software is specifically designed keeping in mind the needs of the organization. Using free online timesheet software can actually prove how useful is the tool to save time.
The time-tracking software is a tool which records the time spent on activities. It can be used by both the employers and employees for tracking time. It can also be used where hourly tracking is important, like in case of customers who are billed by the number of hours or workers who get hourly payments. You can also use this software with other tools such as accounting and project management software.

What are the Main Features of Time-Tracking Software?

Apart from keeping time records and maintaining time schedules, this important tool has other basic features such as:
It can generate payrolls and invoices for the employees or the clients based on the number of hours put in.
It can effectively and accurately manage the workforce functions such as talent management, attendance, meeting scheduling, absence management and labor analysis task.
It can also calculate any additional costing or billing to related tasks for each client or employee.

What are the Different Types of Time-tracking Software?

The two basic types of software include the timesheets. You can obtain free online timesheet software from any website. In a timesheet, you need to manually put the time which is spent on activities or any task. Timesheet software was introduced soon after the introduction of computerized systems in the workspace. The software was designed to replace the manual paper timesheets in bigger organizations where maintaining them was a huge task.
The other type is the time-recording software. This software can record the tasks done on your computer. In this case, there is no need for manual entry. The software automatically records them. This software is usually considered an improved version of the timesheet software. It automatically records the time spent on each task and basically tracks computer usage. It is a better form of measuring the productivity of employees within an organization. This software is especially useful for freelancers where they can prepare client reports and provide a proof of the work done. Time tracking software can be of many types such as:

Payroll system which is used to generate payroll based on the amount of work done by the employee.
Billing system which is used to create invoices.
Resource scheduling system to allocate tasks to workers.
Accounting system and
Project management system to analyze the amount of effort done on projects.

The time-tracking software is now widely used in organizations as well as by several professionals to easily maintain tasks. This helps to manage business related data easily and in a more convenient way.
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