Crondon Park-Affordable Venue for Memorable Wedding Sessions

Crondon Park is the most ideal venue in the Essex UK for enjoying Golf, holidays at farm houses and scheduling wedding party sessions. This park is established ideally in the most scenic and peaceful countryside. It is a perfect place to conduct a memorable wedding. This venue is one of the best wedding yards in Essex and is a perfect one to suit your wedding requirements. It has a couple of best Golf courses, farm houses and hotels where tourists and travelers can spend pleasant time.

The Body

When we talk of wedding arrangements at Crondon Park we cannot ignore the major purpose room. Its Baronial Hall is a classy exclusive and hypnotizing venue. This hall is very majestic and superb illustration of a Jacobean and Tudor barn that displays a truly pleasant environment and surrounding. This hall has its own wedding ceremony room, a suite for bride preparation and magnificently decorated private garden landscapes.

The guest and customer care team at this amazing park strives at its best to make all occasions a unique and memorable event. From wedding point of view this team lays focus on all needs and necessity of the wedding couple. This park has been holding successful wedding sessions since year 1994.

The guest care team of this park has a lot of experience in conducting auspicious events and parties with success. It offers customers with top quality catering services so that you may enjoy eating the best recipes and cuisines. As a guest at this park you can feel assured of being in safe and trustworthy hands. The team of this park successfully takes care of all things with a proficient and tailored manner. It provides outstanding attention to the detail needs of guests.

All kind of catering provisions is done in house at this park venue. The chefs here use fresh produce to prepare mouth watering and tasty dishes so that guests may enjoy a heavenly experience with every bite. They provide variety of dining menus to you so that you may choose your favorite eatables from them. The dishes are prepared to suite the choices and food preferences of various guests who come here from various parts of UK and the world. The catering team of this park takes care of all dietary needs of guests.

The customer care and catering team of this venue at Essex UK looks forward to meet their customers and guests directly to discuss their plans concerned with this venue. If you are one among them then you should not hesitate to contact this team for conducting wedding sessions and private parties. You will feel allured and taken away after browsing all wonderful wedding party packages at this park.

The Conclusion

Crondon Park is an inviting venue for those couples who want to hold a memorable wedding. It is a sportive arena for those golf players who love eco friendly surroundings. You will also enjoy holidays at its farm houses that have been loaded with all boarding facilities. Hurry and book your wedding or holiday suite today at this amazing and extensive countryside park at an affordable cost.
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