Battery Operated Lift Magnets – A Worthy Investment

Many lifting magnet manufactures today produce battery powered lifting magnets in addition to the other traditionally known magnets. These were basically invented to counter the major disadvantage of electromagnet which is its reliance on electric power. Some factories and other industries exist in areas where electric power is not available.

Even where there is constant supply of electric power, sometimes power fails and if this happen and you only have electromagnet lift, you will be incapacitated.

Battery powered lifting magnets are electromagnets caring their own power source, which is usually a 12V battery.

Also incorporated in these magnets is a controller or simply a charging unit used for recharging when the battery is low.

Moreover, these magnets also do not have power cables that restrict them and as such they are portable.

Why Battery Powered Lifting Magnets?

Battery powered lifting magnets are superior to permanent lifting magnets in that they are not very sensitive to air spaces.

This gives them the capability to handle loads with uneven surfaces as well as those with very rough surfaces.

This is a major challenge when working with a permanent lifting magnet. Battery powered magnets also have capability of handling loads of wide range of shapes unlike permanent magnets.

Lifting magnets operated by battery have very high lifting capacity, more than even permanent lifting magnets. This makes them perfect magnets for lifting heavy steel items. They are electrical and can also be used on multiple beams.  This can be performed by a common controller remotely controlled.
You would think that a magnet with such superior capabilities will be very expensive but this is not the case.

Battery powered lifting magnets are very affordable investment. The initial cost is not as high as an electromagnet and the running cost is even much less. This is first because they do not need main power supply which is costly and secondly because they can easily be operated by one person thus saving on labor cost. By simply going through the manufacturer’s manual that you will be given when you procure this magnet, you’ll know how to operate it.

Shopping for Battery Operated Lifting Magnet.

If you are wondering where to get your lift magnet from, just search for the same in the internet and you will find quite a number of sites which enough information on these magnets. Battery powered lifting magnets have evolved overtime and many found in the markets today are very easy to use.

Many come with a detachable cover and therefore anytime you require inspecting the battery, you simply have to remove the cover. Another modern feature that many of these magnets come with nowadays is an automatic cutoff charger. This ensures that the battery does not overcharge and thus assures a longer battery life. 

The surest way to find out whether a lifting magnet, or any other product for that matter is as good as the manufacture says it is, is by reading available reviews on it. If you get one with a lot of positive reviews you can be sure that chances of it disappointing you are minimal.
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