5 Detox Water Recipes to Help You Lose Weight

Water is the number one best friend of every figure watcher. Apparently, your water consumption has a lot to do with your figure and health. If you are aiming to lose weight, water must be your top priority. Not only it caters a lot of benefits in terms of your health and wellness, but water can also help you shred the excess calories.

Now, water can sometimes be very boring to drink because it’s tasteless. Good thing that there are different kinds of detox water. Certainly, this is not the first time that you encountered detox water. A lot of fitness experts and specialists recommend drinking detox water daily since it is much more effective than any normal and ordinary water.
Aside from obtaining additional nutrients and vitamins, detox water can efficiently flush out the toxins in your body. These toxins are (most of the time) contributors to having difficulties when it comes to losing weight. Hence, by utilizing detox water, it will be much easier for you to hinder the gains and start losing the excess calories.
1.       Apple Cinnamon Detox Water
Generally, apples are known to be very effective in losing weight. Aside from its properties that help shred the excess calories, its nutrients are largely beneficial to your overall system. The same applies to cinnamon as it can help you burn fat efficiently.
What you need in making this detox water are cinnamon sticks and thin slices of Fuji apples. It doesn’t necessarily need to be Fuji apples, but they are much recommendable due to its taste. As for the cinnamon, sticks are much better since powders will clog the water.
2.       Strawberry, Lime, Cucumber, and Mint Water
Strawberry and cucumber are usually the top choices for detox water. Their properties and nutrients are largely beneficial to health and wellness. The same is true for lime. Also, it works not only for the benefit of obtaining vitamin C but it gives anextra flavor that works well with strawberry and cucumber.
Adding 5 leaves of mint, the combination is much desirable for this detox water.
3.       Ginger and Lemon Detox Water
Lemons are prominent because they are proven to be a natural burner of fats and calories. This is one of the many reasons why lemon is also known to be a basic ingredient in most detox drinks of today. As for gingers, they pretty much add flavors with citrus fruits.
4.       Metabolism Boosting Mango Ginger Water
If you are planning to lose weight, one best way to it is to correct your metabolism and make it function properly. Mangoes are known to be very effective in aiding your digestion and metabolism.  As for gingers, once they are mixed with mangoes, they give anextreme great taste of infusion.
You only need a cup of fresh mangoes and slices of ginger roots in making a quart of detox water.
5.       Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Drink
Apple cider has become one of the healthiest ingredients nowadays. It became popular since there are quite a lot of benefits that you can get from consuming apple cider. In this drink, you will be dealing with soda. Although sodas are known to be a big no-no when you are trying to lose weight, this drink can actually help you burn calories faster. However, you need to be balanced with your diet.
You may use sparkling water for this kind of soda drink. Add 6 tablespoons of apple cider and few slices of lemon. If you want to know how to get rid of bloating, you will surely want to try this drink.
In totality, these detox water recipes are effective, efficient, and convenient. They look pretty much simple and easy to deal but once you get to see the effects and output, you will know that these detox drinks are not simply ordinary drinks.
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