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Western Pressure Controls is a highly reputed top notch Wireline tool manufacturer which is located in Edmonton, Canada. They service the entire line of wireline product and tools. All the equipment they have is not online.
Pressure control is a vital aspect in having a safe and a productive wireline site. Western pressure controls know the requirement of the oil and gas workers and the ones who wish to make sure the safety of the industry for a long duration. We provide a wide range of equalizing assemblies so that they suit the wireline site specifics.

They have got B-choke assemblies which are utilized to facilitate obstruction of flow in the gas wells. One can opt for the rings and not the standard o-rings.

There are G equalizing assemblies that can hold the pressure from above and below. This tool is the best choice when it is assembled with S, W or Z lock. This tool has 2 kinds of fish necks one is for W and Z locks and the other is for S locks.

There is also A choke assembly which is used with the x/xn locks. This enables the flow to a specific quantity and has the option for pumping down the tubing. The choke bores on this type of assembly are drilled in accordance to the specifications. There is the px equalizing assembly which enables pressure differences to be held.

There is the T choke assembly which enables the flow upwards at a rate which is under control. One may have the ability to pump the wellbore.

We are available daily for up to date quotes and rental rates. Bailers are important for the functioning of the wirelines and for the safety of the wireline site. Western pressure control is devoted to facilitating oil and gas workers with the best methods for safety and sand removal. They provide a wide array of bailer designs to serve their customers in a proper manner.

There is the dump bailer which is utilized to dump fluids on the top of the gadget. A dump bailer can eradicate the requirement of explosive in some situations. This enhances the safety of the worksite. It may be utilized to dump the cement to enable pressure variations.

The shear disc is accessible in brass, glass and steel. Baiter volume is accessible on request. A hydrostatic bailer is required to eradicate sand and other debris. The hydrostatic bailer utilizes a pressure chamber. This produces a vacuum. When the shear pin is released, the debris gets out.

 Stroke bailer

It is also called Sand pump bailer. It is used to remove the debris from the wellbore. They are best for the wells and has low level of fluid in it. It can be used with hydrostatic columns.
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