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The elderly population around the world continues to steadily grow thanks to the rapid advances in the field of modern medicine. However, many of these senior citizens normally suffer from chronic illnesses, which is an inevitable consequence of their advancing age. When these individuals lose their self-efficacy due to their aliments, their family members usually have no choice but to admit them into state-of-the-art nursing homes to ensure their long-term care. However, Rick Casper from California says many of these elderly people are usually reluctant to go to such facilities due the stigma they attach to such establishments. Even their relatives feel very uneasy about taking such a move. Fortunately, assisted living communities offer them another viable alternative.
He goes on to say assisted living communities offers such elderly people the following important benefits:

1.   Facilities for physical fitness

Most assisted living communities have the latest gym facilities where elderly people can work out to improve their overall health. Some of these establishments even hold special classes where they can learn yoga, Tai Chi, dance and Zumba. The physical instructors that who conduct such sessions have the necessary skills, training and expertise to cater the unique needs of such senior citizens

2.   Social interaction

For many elderly people, living at home alone with only a professional caregiver to cater to their needs can be very depressing especially after the demise of a spouse or when they retire. This ultimately has an adverse effect on their overall health. However, when they opt in move into an assisted living community, they have an opportunity to socialize with their peers through cultural events

3.   Intellectual Stimulation

Rick Casper further states that many assisted living communities go out of their way to provide opportunities where these elderly people can learn new skills. Some of these establishments conduct classes in art, computers and even conduct reading sessions. They also invite notable authors read extract from the books and visiting scholars.

4.   Supervised Nutrition

At times, it becomes difficult to family members to supervise the nutrition of their elderly relatives at home. Even proficient caregivers they hire to looking after these senior citizens find this task of monitoring whether they are getting the right nutrients very challenging. However, assisted living communities offer their residents three nutritious meal everyday that cater to their changing health condition.

5.   Independence

For many elderly people the feeling of stilling being able to carry out their daily tasks independently with some help from time to time is itself rewarding. Assisted living communities allow these senior citizens to look after themselves as far as possible without being a burden on their young relatives. This goes a long way in improving family relationships in the long-run.

Rick Casper says the above advantages show that assisted living communities go a long way in helping elderly people maintain their independence while ensuring that someone looks after them. Such establishments provide a homely environment for such senior citizens and allows them to socially interact with their peers. More importantly, these places do not have the stigma these individuals and their relatives attach to nursing homes making them a safe and happy place.
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