Packages which include in C Corporation

Companies are formed based on some policies and also regulations which are related to the country it is being stabilised in. every country and state has its own rules, regulations and also policies for forming and developing a company. In same way New York follows a policy that is common for every other companies and corporations. That is LLC-limited Liability Company. This certification is very much required for all the newly-formed and forming companies. One such a company which is very famous for all this certification forming and many more is Windsor. This is very famous new york state certificate of good standing company and will help all other companies which are running on large-scale basis. This company follows all the required rules and policies which every company should follow if it wants a LLC certification.

A C Corporation will be formed for all the companies which are newly forming. This C Corporation new york state certificate of good standing is very important and also most common business structure which is must and should for every company which is forming at a state level. This C Corporation is a general legal entity which will be especially owned by all the shareholders of company.

Advantages of C Corporation:-
  •  If a company has this C Corporation then, the shareholders will not be officially responsible for all the debts and liabilities of all the happenings inside company. 
  • Unlimited number of shareholders can be maintained by this C Corporation without any limit on stock classes. 
  • This will exist forever even after death of the shareholder or shareholders. 
  • All the C Corporations stocks can be transferred between the investors by selling it for the ownership purposes.
Packages made available by Windsor C Corporation:-

There are two types of packages which can be used by all the clients as per their interest. One is standard package and the other is ultimate package.

Standard package:-
  • This will be done by paying $35 and some other filling fee according to the states. 
  • Customer support will be guaranteed for lifetime and the order will be processed in just 24 hours. 
  • Preparation and formation of all the documents which are required will be done by in this package. 
  • Name availability search is made completely free and 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed to all its clients. 
  • All the documents will be filled and also sent to your address through electronic method in the same day.
Ultimate package:-
  • This costs around $299 and also with all other filling charges based on different states. 
  • Certified copy of all the certificates and documents will be given to the clients. 
  • A kit will be made available which is fully corporate and also a pouch with a seal made by hand embossing. 
  • All the customised stock certificates and also customised bylaws and minutes will be followed accordingly. 
  • A from will be made available which is very much easy for preparation and also filing which is EIN SS-4 will be available. This will help in fast processing of all the work. 
  • Filling fees of all the documents will be charged according to the state in which the company is being initialised.
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